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10 Mythical Floyd Mayweather Jr. Battles That Would Rewrite Boxing History

For one to bestow lofty appreciation such as being “The Best Ever” upon themselves, their achievement must be beyond reproach, which numerous can concur is definitely the case for Floyd Mayweather Jr. A local of Grand Rapids, MI., Mayweather Jr. was surrounded by boxing because birth, as his daddy, Floyd Mayweather Sr., was a welterweight competitor who notoriously took on versus Sugar Ray Leonard. His uncle, Roger “Black Mamba” Mayweather, likewise held champion titles at the very featherweight, light welterweight, and welterweight.

A treasured amateur, Mayweather Jr. contended at the 1996 Olympics, winning a bronze medal in a questionable loss. The defeat would be the last he would experience for almost 3 years and counting, as he has actually assembled a perfect 50-0 record, with champions in 5 various weight-classes varying from featherweight to very middleweight.

Having actually retired as the most bankable fighter of all-time and among a handful of fighters with an unblemished record, the Hall of Famer’s location in the all-time ranking has actually been discussed, with some questioning how he would fare versus the leading champs from previous ages.

In event of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s 47th birthday, AMBIANCE developed 10 legendary boxing matches versus renowned challengers that would shock the boxing world and sports history.

  • WIllie Pep

    Image Credit: Bettmann/ Contributor

    Commonly considered the very best featherweight fighter of all-time, Willie Pep’s supremacy might have preceded modern-day media, hence robbing existing fans to enjoy his ring wizardry in hd. According to what was caught of Pep’s prime, nevertheless, it’s clear he was a force to be considered in his day.

    Starting his own profession in the featherweight department, it would be fascinating to see how Mayweather Jr.’s more pushing course of attack in his more youthful years would fare versus Pep’s crafty counters.

  • Sugar Ray Robinson

    Image Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

    Half a century before Mayweather Jr.’s way of life mesmerized fans and ruffled experts, Sugar Ray Robinson penned his own passages in the playbook of living big and openly taking pleasure in the fruits of his labor. Thought about the very best pound for pound fighter to ever live, Robinson was the very first fighter to win a title in a particular weight-class 5 times and was understood for his proficiency of the sweet science, thus his label.

    Promoting himself as The Best Ever and having actually gathered hardware in several departments himself, a faceoff versus Mayweather Jr. and Robinson would be a battle fans imagine, not to discuss an identifying consider the all-time rankings.

  • Aaron Pryor

    Image Credit: Anthony Barboza/Getty Images

    Throughout his Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame induction speech, Mayweather Jr. credited Aaron Pryor as one of his preferred fighters to see while absorbing the complexities of the sport throughout his youth. A two-time light welterweight world champ, “The Hawk” was called Fighter of the Year in 1982 and is most understood for his ruthless design and unrivaled grit.

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