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Doric SamFebruary 20, 2024

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Regardless of ending up being the 5th gamer ever to win the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in back-to-back seasons, Mac McClung stays simple while considering his possibilities in theoretical matches versus a few of the all-time terrific dunkers.

Throughout a look on FanDuel’s Run It BackMcClung was postured with the concern of who would win a dunk contest in between him and Vince Carter, and the 25-year-old stated he would not select versus Carter.

“It’s not even close, that’s Vince all the time, do not even do that to me,” McClung stated.

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“Prime Vince Carter-Prime Mac McClung, who are we taking in the dunk contest?” << a href="">> @ChandlerParsons< < br><> < br>>”It’s not even close, that’s Vince all the time, do not even do that to me.” << a href="">> @McclungMac< < br><> < br>>: << a href="">> << a href="">>

McClung was likewise asked by TMZ Sports if he want to deal with LeBron James in a dunk contest one day and he reacted, “He’s the guy, I do not understand if I ‘d wish to break him. He ‘d most likely beat me, for sure.”

Carter, who won the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest in among the most remarkable efficiencies in All-Star weekend history, stated he would have delighted in a match versus McClung in his more youthful days.

“I would like the competitors, that’s what it’s everything about,” Carter stated. “I understand the NBA years ago attempted to put a great deal of cash up for the very best to do it, and prime Vince would desire all the smoke with everyone since it’s gon na bring the very best out of me.”

McClung normally takes an entire year to draw up his prepare for the dunk contest, however taking on Carter would need some additional time.

“I may need to begin 2 years ahead of time simply believing and figuring everything out,” McClung stated.

It stays to be seen if McClung will opt for a three-peat next season. He stated after his win on Saturday that he would not devote right now, however it’s not off the table.

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