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25 Of The Best Bed Frames To Upgrade Your Bedroom

Hi! I’m Sally Elshorafa– Home and Garden Editor here at BuzzFeed– and I’m here to assist you discover the best bed frame. Before we dive into your choices, let’s go over some essentials.

The distinction in between a platform bed frame and a conventional bed frame generally depends on the structure and assistance for the bed mattress. The essence of it is that platform beds do not need a box spring.

A platform bed has a tough base and slats that are close adequate together that it can quickly disperse the weight of a huge bed mattress. A standard bed generally had just a few slats throughout the bottom, so the boxspring was required to level the weight of the bed mattress, otherwise the bed mattress would sink into the bed frame and ultimately touch the flooring.

Many kinds of bed mattress work with platform beds, consisting of memory foam, latex, hybrid, and the majority of innerspring bed mattress.

While not precisely incompatible, standard innerspring bed mattress might not constantly carry out also on platform beds as they do on box springs. This is due to the fact that box springs are created to take in shock and lower wear on innerspring bed mattress. Some older or really firm innerspring bed mattress might not adhere well to a strong platform base.

For your choices listed below, I’ve kept in mind which bed frames require a box spring.

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