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’30 Rock’ Goes Viral as X Users Blergh Into the Holidays Sharing Fave Tina Fey Show Jokes

December 24, 2023 @ 3:24 PM

It began merely enough, with a conversation structure on X (previously Twitter) about why the Tina Fey-created “30 Rock” hasn’t appeared to produce the exact same warm fond memories that “The Office” and, to a lower level, “Parks and Recreation” have in the years considering that their 2000s into 2010s runs. That’s in spite of the program– which ran for 7 seasons from 2006 to 2013 on NBC and won 16 Emmys consisting of 3 Outstanding Comedy Series awards– being kept in mind for the quality and density of its joke-writing

One take that captured on was Quinton Hoover keeping in mind that, while “30 Rock” is the funniest, its lead Liz Lemon (played by Tina Fey) “is much less naturally relatable than individuals working ordinary and mainly meaningless tasks out of need for a years.” In the program, Lemon is the head author for a sketch funny series on NBC, motivated by Fey’s time as head author for “Saturday Night Live.”

This will be a questionable hot take, however the genuine response is that regardless of being a much funnier program, to the typical American, a character like Liz Lemon is much less naturally relatable than individuals working ordinary and primarily meaningless tasks out of need for a years

— Quinton Reviews (@Q_Review) December 20, 2023

That discourse turned into the program’s fans intensely safeguarding it. Comic and star Paul McCallion assisted with that shift, sharing his own preferred joke– an exchange in between Elaine Stritch’s Colleen Donaghy and her character’s boy, Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy– and triggering other users to share their own.

My preferred 30 Rock joke modifications per hour however today it’s when hurt Elaine Stritch is sounding a bell and Jack enters and states “what is it mom??” and she goes “I require my other bell.”

— Paul McCallion (@OrangePaulp) December 22, 2023

The post, shared Thursday night, got steam and has actually been seen more than 34 million times since the writing of this story. It’s been retweeted almost 3,000 times, with numerous quote-tweets going on to include their own preferred “30 Rock” jokes to the chorus.

The program’s 2023 viral minute got observed by “30 Rock” streaming home Peacock, with the platform’s social account taking part the enjoyable:

Naturally, like lots of if not most funnies of a period before today, a variety of the jokes do not hold up to the requirements of modern-day perceptiveness. Tina Fey significantly made the option in 2020, in the middle of the renewal of the Black Lives Matter motion following the killing by authorities of George Floyd, to get rid of numerous episodes of the program from streaming platforms that consisted of using blackface.

In between all the joke sharing, users both disputed and satirized the handwringing over the program’s diversity-related failures in particular locations.

oh youre having a good time doing 30 rock quotes over the vacations? sorry buddy,

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