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5 Valorant Agents You Should Not Pick In Patch 8.03

Are you questioning which are the Valorant representatives you should not select in Patch 8.03? Here is a list of all names.

After having a look at a few of the very best Valorant representatives to get in 8.02, Riot Games chose to launch another little upgrade. The Valorant Patch 8.03 includes some enthusiasts and nerfs, and our tests have actually revealed that they have had a little result on the meta. That’s why we have actually chosen to have a look at the characters that are simply not that excellent.

Our list of Valorant Agents you must not select in spot 8.03 is simply not as strong as a few of the very best choices. You can utilize them in some scenarios, however other representatives are simply much better at their task.


When it boils down to all of the Sentinels in Valorant, a few of them are truly great in the existing meta, however you likewise have choices like Deadlock. Some might disagree, however our company believe this is among the Valorant representatives you need to not choose in Patch 8.03.

For beginners, this is a character that works well just on particular maps, such as Icebox. The latter remains in the swimming pool, which is a plus, however she is still not as excellent as others. While it holds true that Riot chose to rub a great deal of her capabilities, even this wasn’t enough to make Deadlock a strong choice.

Among the factors our company believe the representative is not that excellent is her set. It might be beneficial in particular circumstances, you require particular abilities to shine with the representative. Having quickly decision-making, you likewise require to be able to adjust. We’ve been having fun with her for a while, and to be sincere, there’s no point in attempting to master her when there are other Valorant representatives doing a much better task.

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While our company believe Sage is a bit much better than, let’s state, Deadlock, she is likewise amongst the Valorant representatives that you should not choose in Patch 8.03. Sage’s finest map is Icebox, which is a plus, however if you compare her to a few of the other Sentinels, you can see she isn’t that great.

The issue is that she is not carrying out in addition to some individuals anticipate. We have actually seen that a lot of gamers understand how to utilize her correctly since she has a quite excellent win rate throughout practically all ability brackets.

If you understand how to utilize Sage correctly, you can most likely make the hero work. If you do not have any experience and do not understand how to utilize the representative, we suggest focusing on something else.


To be sincere, Neon is a choice that can work extremely well in particular combinations. Considering that the representative’s finest map is Fracture (the bad news is that the latter isn’t a part of the map swimming pool),

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