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A Legendary RPG Trilogy Chopped by 80%, Jedi Survivor Gets Darth Mauled in Half, and More!

This is my preferred offer on The Citadel.


Feb 22, 2024 12:55 am

We’re well past the midpoint of the week and are now speeding towards some really essential things. Undoubtedly, there’s the weekend to think about, however we’re likewise in the area of FFVII Rebirth’s evaluation embargo lift. My recommendations: browse the fantastic offers listed below, lock in some purchases for Saturday, and after that go offline up until the 29th. It’s gon na be spoiler city quickly.

In retro news, we’re commemorating the huge quarter century of Metal Gear Solid. An enormous individual favourite of mine, it assisted popularise the stealth category, blew minds with its cinema-inspired design, and was bristling with emerging gameplay chances. [Back of the CD] case in point: I was operating in video games retail when it introduced and can clearly remember a tsunami of returning clients who could not determine how to get Meryl’s codec number. Great times.

Tanks for the memories, Kojima.

This Day in Gaming

Aussie birthdays for noteworthy video games.

– Secret of Evermore (SNES) 1996.

– Metal Gear Solid (PS) 1999. Get

– Golden Sun (GBA) 2002. Get

– Mario & & Luigi: Partners in Time (DS) 2006.

– Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (DS) 2007.

– Final Fantasy XII (PS2) 2007. Get


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Great Savings for Nintendo Switch

Tales of Vesperia Definitve

A strong anime-style Japanese RPG with a large- varying story, engaging characters and an extreme real-time fight system that keeps you on your toes. 8.2/ 10, terrific.

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Purchase Cheaply for PC

Logitech G PRO Wireless

There’s very little to grumble about here as this mouse is exceptionally precise, comfy, customisable, and has definitely ridiculous battery life. 8.9/ 10, fantastic.

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Amazing Bargains for Xbox

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

A follow up that does essentially whatever much better than the initial– which was currently an extraordinary Star Wars video game. If Respawn makes one more like this it’ll finish the very best Star Wars trilogy in 30 years, by far. 9/10, incredible.

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Pure Scores for PlayStation

Diablo IV

Anticipate finely-tuned fight, comprehensive construct alternatives throughout each class, excellent graphics, and strong live-service structure that are all amongst the most outstanding in the category. The endgame activities and grind are primarily well considered too.

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