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A notorious 1970s television interview might have influenced Heath Ledger’s Joker

Late Night with the Devil star David Dastmalchian states the movie’s demonic talk program has something in typical with Heath Ledger’s Joker.

“The Cairnes bros sent me a lot of video that they built up of Don Lane. He was the Johnny Carson of Australian tv. He did this well-known interview with Tom Waits, and a great deal of individuals believe Heath Ledger took motivation from it for his representation of The Joker,” Dastmalchian informed The Hollywood Reporter.”[The likelihood of shared inspiration] is quite cool, and it’s likewise the cyclical nature of being a writer and the weird course that it’s followed.”

The interview in concern was relayed on late night Australian television in 1979, and includes a really calm Don Lane and a rather disorderly 29-year-old Tom Waits. An apparently inebriated Waits takes a seat beside Lane, and when you quickly forward to the 1:45 timestamp– your jaw will drop. Waits’ voice is near-identical to the one Ledger utilized for The Dark Knight’s Joker, and the quirks are comparable. Strangely enough, Dastmalchian had a little part in The Dark Knight as Thomas Schiff, a police officer who is exposed to be a henchman for the Joker.

The discovered video scary, composed and directed by Cameron and Colin Cairnes, stars Dastmalchian as the host of a 1970s talk program who welcomes an apparently had girl onto the program for an unique Halloween broadcast with the hopes of improving his rankings. The movie made (and we’re not joking) $666,666 at package workplace in its opening weekend.

Late Night with the Devil remains in theaters now. For more, take a look at our list of the most amazing upcoming films in 2024 and beyond.

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