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Activision Blizzard devs share scary stories about Bobby Kotick after CEO’s departure

Bobby Kotick is formally no longer the CEO of Activision Blizzard, which implies that workers can now share information about working conditions under his reign without worry of retaliation, and the scary stories started streaming in right away.

It’s been public understanding for rather a long time now that the working conditions produced by Kotick were far from perfect. The popular Blizzard work environment scandal wasn’t even Kotick’s very first participation with a sexual harassment fit: that began method back in 2007 when a worker of a personal jet business developed by Kotick was fired after reporting sexual harassment in the work environment. Now, skeletons are falling out of the closet with a newly found strength.

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Christina Pollock is an author, designer, and developer who dealt with Call of Duty by means of Demonware for 2 years. Instantly after Kotick’s main departure from Activision Blizzard, Pollock shared a tweet briefly detailing a few of her individual experiences with the previous CEO. In the tweet, she remembers an emergency situation all-hands conference in which everyone was truly scared to speak up.

That conference, and transiently the worry of speaking initially, was made required since of a death hazard that Kotick made to a worker emerged. While Pollock’s tweet does not supply information of the danger, a 2021 Business Insider report defines a death hazard made to a previous assistant through voicemail, pointing out the Wall Street Journal as the source for the story. Probably, this is the occurrence that Pollock is describing.

More just recently, you might keep in mind when Overwatch 2 was ported over to Steam in August and was consulted with extremely unfavorable evaluations. According to Andy Belford, the senior supervisor of neighborhood advancement for Blizzard from June 2021 to September 2023, Kotick was cautioned about the possibility of this evaluation bomb.

Belford stated in a tweet the other day that the group invested months cautioning about the impending evaluation battle and asking for more details and resources to assist alleviate the increase. Obviously, every demand of this kind was “flatly rejected” by Kotick, who went on to blame the video game for Activision Blizzard’s decreasing stock rate.

Breaking my silence to share an enjoyable reality: when we prepared OW2’s steam launch, my group alerted (months ahead of time) that we’re going to be evaluation bombed. We pled for additional information, more information, and more resources to assist us with the expected increase, all flatly rejected.

— Andy Belford (he/him) (@andybelford) December 29, 2023

Activision Blizzard has actually had a rocky couple of years, and a modification of management was on the cards despite how the Microsoft acquisition ended up. It’s still uncertain precisely who will use up the mantle of CEO; whetherBobby Kotick will stay in the video gaming market at all is likewise still undetermined.

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