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AEW Collision Results: Winners, Live Grades, Reaction, Highlights From Dec. 23

AEW Collision Results: Winners, Live Grades, Reaction, Highlights From Dec. 23

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    Invite to Bleacher Report’s live protection and wrap-up of AEW Collision’s Holiday Bash episode on December 23.

    Not just was this the vacation episode of Collision, however it likewise started the last accumulation towards Worlds End next weekend.

    Although the PPV is the top priority, Saturday’s program still had a lot of action, consisting of the return of Thunder Rosa to the ring, a trios title bout and 3 more Continental Classic matches.

    Let’s have a look at whatever that decreased on today’s Collision.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Bryan Danielson

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    Accident. AEW

    Rather of the typical series of fast backstage promotions that open Collision most weeks, the program began with Bryan Danielson’s entryway for his match versus Claudio Castagnoli. This was a C2 competition bout, so they began with a handshake to reveal some sportsmanship.

    This match began with a good technical exchange of takedowns, submissions and tried pinning mixes. They deliberately kept back on bringing strikes into the battle up until The American Dragon nailed Castagnoli with a stiff kick.

    The Swiss powerhouse fired back with an uppercut that appeared to capture Danielson by surprise. A number of minutes later on, he revealed some aggravation when he turned to poking Danielson in his great eye before trying numerous pinfalls.

    It most likely goes without stating that this was an excellent match. These are 2 of the most admired in-ring entertainers of their generation. They highlighted the very best in each other and had the crowd eating in restaurants of the palms of their hands.

    The method they worked this match made it clear that the triumph was very important to both guys, however they never ever seemed like foes. Even when Castagnoli took the low roadway, it seemed like it was our of desperation, not displeasure.

    They began lacking time, so both males attempted a few of their greatest relocate to take each other out. Castagnoli has actually Danielson secured a Sharpshooter when they revealed one minute left on the clock. The Dragon broke totally free and Castagnoli struck a huge uppercut, however time went out before he might make a correct cover.

    This choice enables Danielson to advance to the finals of the blue league. They shook hands and hugged to a round of applause when it was over.

    Outcome: The match ended in a time-limit draw

    Grade: A

    Noteworthy Moments and Observations

    • Some higher-than-usual cam angles were being utilized to movie from the difficult electronic camera side of the ring.
    • Danielson smiling after Castagnoli dropped him for the very first time was a terrific minute.
    • The method they were attempting to beguile each other throughout the series when they had their fingers locked together was terrific.

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