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After Cardi B Legal Bout, YouTuber Tasha K Faces Kevin Hart

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After her prominent legal fight with Cardi B, YouTuber Tasha K deals with yet another suit, this time from Kevin Hart.

Comic Kevin Hart is taking legal action against YouTuber Tasha K and a previous assistant for extortion, according to files gotten by The Wrap on Wednesday, December 27. The suit follows the prominent legal fight in which Tasha K, whose legal name is Latasha Kebe, has actually been involved with vocalist Cardi B because 2019.

According to the claim, Kebe talked to Kevin Hart’s previous assistant, Miesha Shakes, in infraction of the non-disclosure arrangement Shakes signed with Hart, and made incorrect accusations versus him. Kebe then presumably attempted to obtain cash from Hart to avoid the interview from being launched.

Hart’s business, Hartbeat Productions LLC, utilized Shakes in between August 2017 and October 2020. The suit discusses that throughout this time she was privy to secret information about Hart, his business, and his individual life.

In November 2023, Kebe spoke with Shakes for her YouTube series, “Unwine with Tasha K,” in which Shakes revealed a supposed affair Hart was taken part in, and declaring he had a betting issue. Kebe published a sneak peek of the interview on her Tasha K Instagram account.

Quickly afterwards, Hart states he was gotten in touch with by a private declaring to be connected with Kebe, who requested for a “$250,000 ransom” to postpone publishing the interview. Hart called authorities and sent out Kebe a stop and desist order.

Hart is taking legal action against Kebe, Shakes, and celebrations related to them for civil extortion and intrusion of personal privacy, along with taking legal action against Shakes for breach of agreement and character assassination. He is likewise taking legal action against Kebe for deliberate disturbance with legal relations.

The suit declares that in addition to breaking the NDA Shakes had actually signed, the interview “consisted of incorrect and defamatory declarations relating to Hart and particular legal disagreements in which he had actually been included.”

Latasha Kebe’s collection of claims from stars began in 2019 when Cardi B sued her for character assassination, intrusion of personal privacy, and deliberate infliction of psychological distress. That suit originated from several videos Kebe published online and remarks made on social networks declaring Cardi B had actually contracted herpes, had a drug issue, and had actually worked as a woman of the street. A federal jury granted almost $4 million in damages and legal expenses, which Kebe has actually unsuccessfully appealed– regardless of filing insolvency.

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