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Alberto Gonzalez Garcia and Sian Rainsley go to strong triumphes World Triathlon Cup Hong Kong

As constantly at a Sprint Distance, it was interesting and the distinctions were little, however Spain’s Alberto Gonzalez Garcia and Britain’s Sian Rainsley simply got great success at the World Triathlon Cup Hong Kong.

In both the males’s and females’s races, a leading group was currently formed throughout the bike. In the end, thirteen guys began the last five-kilometer perform at the exact same time, right away led by Gonzalez Garcia. Exactly since of the little distinctions, there was an amazing denouement, which was eventually chosen in favor of Gonzalez Garcia. He won the race in 53:17 minutes, remaining ahead of, to name a few, his compatriot Antonio Serrat Seoane, who completed second in 53:22. Japanese Kenji Nener completed third in 53:24.

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Alberto Gonzalez Garcia wins World Triathlon Cup Hong Kong (Picture: World Triathlon)

The females likewise had an instant prominent group on the bike, although just 7 females went back to T2 at the very same time. This consisted of the 3 ladies who remained together up until the last stage of the run: Sian Rainsley, Katie Zaferes and Kirsten Kasper.

Rainsley did not let the reality that she was surrounded by 2 American power ladies trick her, since with a couple of hundred meters to go she put, in a small descent, a velocity. When there was another climb at the viaduct, she handled to increase her lead a little bit more, ultimately winning in a time of 59:44. Zaferes was 2nd in 59:53 and Kasper 3rd in 1:00:00.

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