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Aljamain Sterling dissatisfied by Sean O’Malley PPV sales: ‘These are the numbers that this guy was attempting to state he’s this huge PPV star?’

Aljamain Sterling states that Sean O’Malley isn’t rather the star he would have you think.

In August, Sterling dealt with O’Malley in the primary occasion of UFC 292. O’Malley won the battle by second-round knockout, declaring the UFC bantamweight title, and possibly producing MMA’s next huge super star. Sterling is a little doubtful of that. As the then-bantamweight champ, Sterling got a cut of PPV profits and offered how huge the battle was expected to be– billed as the greatest in bantamweight history– “The Funk Master” confesses to being dissatisfied with the real numbers.

“I was simply viewing something with my woman and I got the Pay-Per-View numbers, and me and her were going through it, and I’m much like, ‘These are the numbers that this guy was attempting to state he’s this huge PPV star? Oh my god,'” Sterling stated on his YouTube channel. “When I saw the numbers I actually sat there– if I had any concept that this is what the numbers would have been, if I might have forecasted that this is what it would have been, my ass would have waited and taken my holiday then and gotten ready to combat now. Due to the fact that this is eventually when they stated I would have the ability to combat, January, February, March, due to the fact that if I didn’t combat in August they would not have actually had any other ‘areas.’

“It is what it is. I chanced. I relied on that the bag was going to be this, wow, blow me away, larger than all the other ones. It wasn’t. With that being stated, it is what it is. I’m still delighted I made some money. I had an actually great year. Life’s excellent.”

Frustrating PPV numbers is specifically regrettable for Sterling as he didn’t take the battle under perfect situations. “The Funk Master” effectively protected his bantamweight title versus Henry Cejudo in May and was then encouraged into a 3 month turn-around to deal with O’Malley. Sterling made it clear that eventually he selected to eliminate therefore he can cope with the outcome, however thinks it might have cost him the title.

“I understand the situations. The guys who follow the sport and understood my circumstance, how I was pushed into that battle– eventually, it was my choice,” Sterling stated. “It was never ever like, ‘If you do not do this, you’re cut. If you do not do this, we remove you of your belt.’ It was, ‘This is the circumstance. You either take it or you do not.’ I chose to chance and things didn’t go my method. If I had more time to recover, I believe the result possibly would have been a bit various. That’s simply my 2 cents, however who understands?”

That being stated, Sterling was likewise clear that he does not blame O’Malley for any of this, stating that “Sugar” merely benefited from his chance which he’s the one who screwed up.

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