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All FF7 Rebirth World Map Locations

Here are all FF7 Rebirth World Map Locations. Discover what locations made it into the Remake.

Last Fantasy 7 Rebirth has actually simply been launched and it is another excellent entry to the Final Fantasy franchise. As soon as once again you’ll have the ability to enter the shoes of everybody’s preferred SOLIDER Cloud Strife and endeavor all throughout Gaia to stop Sephiroth from making his imagine a Reunion a truth.

Renewal is playing things a little in a different way. It is a lot more than simply a remake of the PlayStation One classic, it is a full-on reimagining of what Final Fantasy 7 is. That consists of a totally brand-new handle its world. There are 7 explorable areas that gamers get to check out in Rebirth. Here is a list of all of them in addition to what you can anticipate.

Image: Square Enix All FF7 Rebirth World Map Locations Grasslands Region

The Grassland Region is the huge location around Midgar which likewise results in the Mythril Caves. If you have actually played the initial the area will recognize to you mostly due to the town of Kalm and the Chocobo Ranch where Cloud and co discover how to surpass the marsh on their method to Junon.

Junon Region

Next is the Jeunon Region, the location around the city of the very same name. The location likewise consists of a little however thoughtful part of the city of Jeunon that gamers get to check out. This is likewise where you discover the Sister Ray canon and the military parade.

Corel Region

The Corel Region explains the location around Costa Del Sol all the method to North Corel where the renowned Gold Saucer towers above a desert jail. Gamers may be knowledgeable about the zone from the initial title and are anticipating checking out Berret’s home and driving that sand buggy once again.

Image: Square Enix Gongaga Region

Me? Gongaga. The Gongaga area is a jungle to the south, set in between Corel and Cosmo Canyon. Compared to the initial, gamers get to explore this area which was just a little town before, and find out more about the home of Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core lead character Zack Fair.

Cosmo Canyon Region

The Cosmo Canyon is another renowned area that was reimagined for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. This time gamers get to explore it in all its splendor consisting of the observatory in addition to a possibility to read more about Nanaki/Red XIII’s past.

Nibel Region

The Nibel Region most plainly includes Niblehiem and Mount Nibel, the Ground Zero for the majority of the occasions in Final Fantasy 7’s canon. Here you’ll discover the home of Cloud and Tifa along with the mystical Shinra Manor which conceals all good manners of tricks.

Image: Square Enix Meridian Ocean Region

The Meridian Ocean Region is the sea in between the Western and Eastern continents. In the initial, it just acts as a location to take a trip through,

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