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American Airlines is raising bag charges, altering frequent-flyer guidelines


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DALLAS (AP)– American Airlines is raising the expense of examining bags and it is making other modifications to press clients to purchase tickets straight from the airline company if they wish to make frequent-flyer points.

The airline company stated Tuesday that inspecting a bag on a domestic flight will increase from $30 now to $35 online and $40 if bought at the airport. The charge for a 2nd inspected bag will increase from $40 to $45 both online and at the airport.

American last raised bag charges in 2018.

American, based in Fort Worth, Texas, presented bag charges in 2008– $15 at that time– to manage the increasing expense of jet fuel. Ever since, they have actually ended up being a constant earnings source for the majority of significant U.S. providers. American quickly led the market by raising $1.4 billion in bag charges in 2022, the in 2015 for which U.S. Transportation Department figures are readily available.

The airline company is likewise raising bag costs by $5 for brief global flights consisting of those to Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean– now $35 for the very first bag and $45 for the 2nd.

The airline company will normally permit consumers to examine a minimum of one bag totally free if they hold elite status in American’s commitment program, purchase a premium-class ticket or utilize an American-branded charge card.

In January, Alaska Airlines raised its checked-bag charges for a lot of economy guests from $30 to $35 for a very first bag and from $40 to $45 for a 2nd. JetBlue followed this month, raising its costs to $35 and $50.

“Airlines tend to relocate herds, so when Alaska just recently revealed they would be upping their bag charge to $35, there was little doubt other airline companies would quickly follow,” stated Scott Keyes, creator of the travel website Going. “It’s not likely American will be the last.”

Keyes kept in mind that American’s choice to charge consumers more if they pay bag costs at the airport rather of when they purchase their ticket simulates a method utilized by budget plan airline companies such as Spirit and Frontier.

American will provide a break to consumers whose bags are somewhat obese or large. Rather of being struck with the complete additional charge– varying from $100 to $650– finished charges will begin at $30 for bags that disappear than 3 pounds (1.36 kg) or 3 direct inches over the limitations.

And it is cutting the expense of moving points in between frequent-flyer accounts.

At the very same time, American revealed that beginning with tickets provided on May 1, clients will need to purchase tickets straight from the airline company or its partner providers or from chosen online travel bureau if they wish to make points in its AAdvantage commitment program. The airline company stated it will note the favored travel bureau in late April. Business tourists will not be impacted.

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