Sunday, June 16

America’s Least Favorite Meathead Takes Victory Lap Riddled With Rakes

The Left can’t assist themselves. They have actually entirely accepted the multi-tiered justice system we have now in The Banana Republic States of America.

Donald Trump is a Convicted Felon. Now it’s up to the citizens of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania to ensure that a Convicted Felon does not end up being the President of the United States.

— Rob Reiner (@robreiner) May 31, 2024

Donald Trump has actually broken many of them they can’t even see the hazardous precedent being set since their unchecked glee blinds them. Chief amongst them is Rob ‘Meathead” Riner.

Let that sink in

— BrownEyedGirl (@ 369Love _) May 31, 2024

It does appear a bit odd to us, too.

#Trump now signs up with other notorious criminals like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson & & Benjamin Franklin.

— TheBitchIsBack (@hotnostril) May 31, 2024

Plus, New York has actually been on the incorrect side of history previously, and as this author has actually stated typically, history might not duplicate precisely, however it does rhyme.

This isn’t going to go the method you fascists believe Rob. Trump will increase in the surveys in those States since citizens KNOW you RIGGED a trial.

— GreatAmericanMail (@mail_american) May 31, 2024

They might have at least attempted to make it less obvious. Perhaps less check outs with the cauliflower in chief, not generating the previous number 3 at the DOJ, or stating Trump was guilty of 5 counts rather of all 34?

There was no criminal offense, and this miscarriage of Justice might occur to you.

— JKash MAGA Queen (@JKash000) May 31, 2024 Recommended

Feeling ethically remarkable is a helluva drug, and Rob here has actually been mainlining it for years. Everybody likes to think when their time comes, they will base on the best side of history. Paradoxically a lot of believe they are on the ideal side up until what ends up being history later on shows them incorrect.

Where did the wicked really lie when our really defenses are disposed of to rid the world of viewed evil?

All of us require to ask ourselves this concern: If they (the powers that be) can do this to him, what could they do to us?

Keep in mind, dear reader, no matter what anybody states or does, eventually, you will constantly have the option to effect where we go from here. Pick carefully.

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