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Among Windows’ worst apps, Sticky Notes, simply got a bit much better

Image: Microsoft

Microsoft stated Monday that a person of Windows’ worst applications, Sticky Notes, is getting an upgrade that’s meant to assist make it work as an annotation tool of sorts for other applications. It’s a specific niche that Sticky Notes might endure in, though it might still utilize some extra functions.

There are numerous note-taking apps and services readily available: I’ve utilized Microsoft’s own OneNote, for instance, for years. Apps like Google Keep in shape the costs as a basic, versatile app to write tips, lists, and other bits and pieces of details that I desire to refer back to, however mainly forget quickly after.

Sticky Notes’ newest upgrade addresses this very same “I require it till I do not” energy: It’s basically a digital footnote, permitting you to record a PowerPoint slide or a websites and connect some digital notes to it.

Irritatingly, however, it does not stand alone– at least. Microsoft is checking this sneak peek experience as an addendum of sorts to OneNote. As soon as your PC gets it, you’ll see a little button with “Sticky Notes” on top of it. Clicking it will release this brand-new Sticky Notes sneak peek. You can then pin the app to your Taskbar to prevent doing this once again; if you do not desire to see Sticky Notes live at the bottom of your screen, however, lessen the Win + Alt + S faster way to introduce it rather.

The brand-new Sticky Notes upgrade permits you to catch images from a website or discussion and annotate them.


The essential function: automated source conservation. That’s an elegant method of stating that if you take a screenshot of a crucial slide, that screenshot can be conserved to Sticky Notes as a brand-new Note, with an automated link to the source discussion or website. If you later on open that slide or site once again, your notes ought to pop to the top, supplied you have Sticky Notes open. (Sticky Notes can be docked as a vertical column of notes on your desktop.)

I have not utilized the brand-new Sticky Notes app yet, however everything seems keyed to taking a screenshot: Without that connection, Sticky Notes will not have the ability to inform what page you’re on. It will utilize that link, however, to link to the website or discussion (from within Sticky Notes), or into Sticky Notes (from within the source). Naturally, you’ll require to be checked in to your Microsoft account to take pleasure in the complete advantages of the app.

Naturally, the app works the other method: You can open a slide or a discussion from the app, too.


In basic, Sticky Notes feels too ephemeral; if I wish to scrawl a fast note I often utilize Notepad rather. Otherwise, I drop it into Keep or OneNote. Sticky Notes has constantly simply felt therewith no genuine function. The brand-new upgrade assists offer it one.

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