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An Interview with Robert Woodhead, Co-Creator of ‘Wizardry’: The Remake, M&M s, Ninjas, and More

Hey, everybody! The sleek brand-new Digital Eclipse-developed remake of Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord is out now on a range of platforms. It’s great! It likewise offered me a possibility to talk with among individuals behind the initial video game: Mr. Robert “Trebor” Woodhead. He had a lot to state about the making of the initial video game, what he thinks about the brand-new remake, and a lot more. Ever question why there are ninjas and samurai in WizardryYou’ll discover by reading this interview! Sitting in with us and chiming in at times was Mr. Justin Bailey of Digital Eclipse, a great fellow who was able to offer extra insight on the remake. Obtain a beverage, since this is a huge one.

Intros and M&M s

TouchArcade (TA): It feels type of ridiculous to ask this, however … inform us who you are and what you’re about, and likewise your preferred pizza garnishes. That’s extremely essential.

Robert Woodhead (RW): My name is Robert Woodhead. Back then I utilized to compose video game, and in the future subtitled anime. Generally, I’ve invested my whole life simply doing extremely weird things with computer systems. And my preferred pizza topping is none, since I’m not a huge pizza fan!

TA: Wow! That’s in fact a brand-new response to that concern. Well done! And over here?

Justin Bailey (JB): About me: I was formerly included from a service side in restoring another classic, Grim Fandango with Doublefine.Wizardry was another renowned video game that was commercially not available for over 20 years. My function was lining up the funding, getting the rights, and dispersing the video game, so I think you might call me a manufacturer. I’m presently on a vegetable kick, so my preferred pizza garnishes are mushrooms, blended olives, and red onions.

RW: Now might I ask you a concern?

TA: Sure, proceed!

RW: M&M s: Plain or Peanut, and why?

TA: Ah, Peanut. I like that mix of saltiness and sweet taste. That’s the method to go. How about you?

RW: Um, I’m a Peanut fan myself, however the very best response I’ve ever needed to that concern– I utilized to ask that concern when we were speaking with individuals to operate at our business– was Extra Crispy. I employed the guy on the area.

TA: Really? Well, that’s an outside-the-box response, so …

RW: There you go! That’s a real story.

JB: I believed you were going to state “none”. The ideal response is constantly “none”. (laughs)

TA: I believed possibly it was going to be somebody who picks the Peanut ones however then they draw the chocolate off, and after that consume the peanut individually since those guys are a little odd, however in a manner I appreciate that hustle.

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