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Andre Lima exposes preliminary response to being bitten by Igor Severino at UFC Vegas 89: “I truly believed that the fence had actually entered into me”

Andre Lima Shares Experience Of Being Bitten During UFC Fight

Talking to media members, Andre Lima stated that when he initially felt an acute pain, he didn’t think about the possibility of his challenger biting him (h/t MMAJunkie).

“I suggest we were exchanging actually well, and at that point, he attempted to take me down,” Lima stated in Portuguese at the UFC on ESPN 53 post-fight interview remembering the minute he was bitten. “I decreased, however I returned up, and as I was getting up I shouted due to the fact that I felt discomfort, an extremely acute pain, and I truly believed that the fence had actually entered into me. I believed that’s what took place.

“I began shouting, ‘Ouch, oops, oops,’ and they began taking a look at me. I do not understand what’s occurring, however I actually believed it was the fence due to the fact that there was definitely no chance that he would bite me, particularly due to the fact that the battle was going back and forth. It benefited me, and it had a great deal of capacity for Fight of the Night. Yeah, that’s why I began screaming, since I felt the discomfort, and then I recognized he bit me, and that’s when I stated, ‘He bit me.'”

Fortunately for Lima is that he got $50,000 in bonus offers for both suffering the bite, and having a good time with the scenario by getting a fresh tattoo.

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