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AP Releases Investigative Report on Police Tactics and HOO BOY It’s a Doozy

Before we look into this, we feel this requires to be stated: any death throughout authorities interaction is terrible enough. How the AP is framing this isn’t great.

A reporting group led by the AP examined cops strategies that aren’t expected to be deadly, like physical restraints and Tasers. They discovered more than 1,000 deaths over a years throughout the U.S.

— The Associated Press (@AP) March 28, 2024

They discovered more than 1000 deaths, so let’s begin there.

“More than a thousand deaths over a DECADE” … so no greater than a thousand and 9 hundred and ninety 9, however no less than a thousand over a duration of a years, in a nation built on 50 states with a population of over 331.9 million?

Water has actually eliminated more individuals.

— Redneck Rogue Elf, Whisperer (@TheRogue_Elf) March 28, 2024

Let’s break this down even further. Does anybody understand the variety of arrests across the country each year in the United States? Anybody?

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Do not fret; we looked it up. According to USA Facts, in the typical year in America, there are 10,085,207 arrests. THAT’S JUST ONE YEAR! For simpleness’s sake and to account for variations, we will round down and include a no. In the exact same duration, there were 100,000.000 arrests, however in between 1,000 and 1,999 deaths?

Does the AP hate polices? Since that’s like.00001% percent guy.

AP resemble …

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Before we get back to you, great individuals dragging them, it gets even worse. This little bit was on someplace around slide 16:


‘Medical authorities mentioned police as triggering or adding to about half of the deaths. In numerous others, substantial police went unmentioned, and drugs or preexisting health conditions were blamed rather.’

In truth, it was someplace in between 500 and 999 and a half deaths, and we aren’t doing that mathematics.

Y’ all worked with the press reporters from Vice, didn’t you?

— Schadenfreudelish (@aggierican) March 28, 2024

Rather potentially,

Well, they attempted gearing up authorities with Nerf weapons and extreme language, however that didn’t show to be the deterrent everybody had actually hoped.

Hey, here’s a concept: let’s defund the cops some more. How’s that exercising for Baltimore, you dim bulbs?

— Grateful Calvin (@shoveitjack) March 28, 2024

Did they purchase them the NERF Mega XL Boom Dozer Blaster? That most likely would have worked …

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Over a years … that is countless physical and violent cops encounters. Where you are handling imperfect tools and situations. What is the point of this post other than to stir feelings and increase bitterness towards authorities.

— Reagan rolled over (@ldsgolfer13) March 28, 2024

It’s not enjoyable to consider, however this appears to be the specific point.

ยป …
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