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Avoid The Cybertruck: 2024 Rivian R1T Review

The Rivian R1T deep in California’s Mojave Desert. It boasts 300+ miles vary.

Credit: Brooke Crothers

It’s December 2023 and it’s difficult to be heard above the din of Cybertruck chatter however I’ll provide it a shot. I’ve now driven the Rivian R1S SUV and R1T pickup– both for a week. This previous week it was the 2024 R1T.

Like the Tesla Cybertruck, it’s a pickup. And like the Cybertruck it’s created with off-road strength. And like the Cybertruck– a minimum of the present model– it’s pricey.

Alas, it’s not a Cybertruck. Some would state it does not have the sharp, steely “cool edge” (by means of WSJ) of the Cybertruck. Let me press back and state that Rivian has a visual edge. I choose the R1T. Plus the reality that you can in fact get one. No waiting in line for a year or more.

What I like most about the R1T (the R1S also) is the marital relationship of appeal and monster. A sensation that you can do anything and go throughout design.

I put the R1T to the test. Not the supreme test (see this YouTube video for that) however I did take it deep into the Mojave Desert in California to a location where if you get stuck you’re out of luck– as in no cellular signal and no close-by human civilization.

Initially some more ordinary, however crucial, things about the pickup.

(Keep in mind: what follows is a brief first-take evaluation– not a thorough evaluation– and discuss the functions of the R1T that I utilized the most)

Highway help: The R1T is loaded with the type of innovation you would anticipate in a pricey electrical car, not unlike a Tesla Model Y (which I’ve likewise driven thoroughly).

Highway Assist is a lot like Tesla’s Autopilot. The vehicle will basically drive itself on significant highways. It’s not best (nor is Tesla’s Autopilot) however I discovered it vital on the long journey to the Mojave Desert where long, limitless, ruler-edge straight highways can check your awareness.

Highway Assist does not constantly work when you desire it to. It errs on the side of care. If it deals with a scenario it does not acknowledge it closes down right away and makes you reclaim control.

Sometimes, it will wander to the best side of the lane, i.e., does not center totally, which can get dicey when you’re passing a big truck. I needed to shut it down by hand a couple of times since of this.

Quick: for a 7,000 pound car it’s quick. If you require instantaneous torque, no issue. It’s not as fast as a Model S Plaid however, once again, for a heavy truck the torque is outrageous. Faster than a Mustang Shelby GT500. It does not harm that I had the quad-motor design (which puts the rate near $90,000).

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