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Baldur’s Gate 3 fans can’t think this broken capability still isn’t repaired

Baldur’s Gate 3 is, undoubtedly, the 2023 video game of the year. Bugs litter the video game’s otherwise excellent track record, consisting of the long-lived Shield Bash problem– a response that needs to be wonderful for safeguarding frontliners versus unsafe melee contenders, however rather stays totally broken and continuously whiffing 5 months after release.

Disappointed gamers gathered to talk about Shield Bash’s terrible state of limbo. Some gamers in the thread have actually reported it operating numerous spots earlier, though many note its failure to work throughout the video game’s hotfix-filled history.

An absence of Shield Bash can leave your Clerics large open for opponents who overextend. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The capability in concern is a response which, upon taking melee damage, must permit the user to knock their assailant vulnerable– with a Dexterity conserving toss to negate. At the minute, you merely get an animation and then absolutely nothing. No conserving toss, no getting tripped up– simply 2 melee fighters gazing at one another.

Viewing Shield Bash trigger and after that refrain from doing a single thing is overwhelming. Guard Bash is provided to more than 10 various guards in your BG3 toolbox, varying from the early-game Shield of Devotion to later-game choices like the Shield of the Undevout. This series of availability makes it prevalent for gamers.

Gamers aren’t the only ones getting their response taken. Even effective opponents, like the last manager of Act Two, will swing their guard at your celebration members and see helplessly as their response is used up for no factor.

BG3 is stuffed with amazing minutes and outstanding experiences, which is why these glaring bugs on wide-spread capabilities are so disconcerting. Larian will ideally begin taking a peek at actions like these which are well-distributed and yet see no usage, due completely to a growing list of the video game’s most relentless bugs. And we’re not even discussing the mind worms.

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