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Ballerina detained in Russia for ‘high-treason’ over her assistance for Ukraine

A ballerina with double Russia-American citizenship was detained in Yekaterinburg by Vladimir Putin’s Federal Security Service (FSB) and charged with treason, authorities validated Tuesday.

32-year-old Ksenia Karelina ended up being a United States person in 2021 and was living in Los Angeles with her American hubby whom she wed in 2023, Daily Mail reports.

She remained in Yekaterinburg, where she is from, at the time of her arrest. Karelona was at first nabbed beyond a cinema for “minor hooliganism” after she was implicated of swearing.

After an examination was performed on Karelona, she was charged with “high treason” when authorities declared that she moved $51.80 from an American bank to a Ukrainian charity, Razom.

The ballerina is implicated of “proactively gathering funds given that February 2022 in the interests of a Ukrainian company, which were consequently utilized to acquire tactical medication, devices, weapons and ammo for the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” according to the FSB which included, “In addition, the resident in concern consistently participated in public actions in assistance of the Kyiv program while in the United States.”

She confronts 20 years in Russian jail.

A chilling video published by a Russian news company reveals Karelina handcuffed and with a cap drawn over her eyes on being taken into a courtroom. It is uncertain when the video was tape-recorded.

Yekaterinburg is likewise where Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich was detained on spying charges practically a year earlier.

After finishing from Russian ballet school SP Diaghilev, Karelina initially relocated to the United States in 2013. She has actually worked as a supervisor at Ciel Spa Beverly Hills considering that 2019, according to her LinkedIn.

Considering that 2023, 63 individuals have actually been charged with treason in Russia with 37 having actually been condemned.

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