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Canada Added 1.37 Million People in 2023

Canada’s realtime population is 40.73 million individuals and Canada will include another 30,000 individuals to reach 40.76 million by the end of 2023. This was nearly a 3.5% population boost.

Since December 19, 2023, the United States population is 334,914,895, which is a 0.5% boost from 2022. Canada is growing at 7 times the United States portion population boost.

Since December 19, 2023, California’s population is 38,965,193, which is a 0.2% reduction from 2022. This is the 3rd year in a row that California’s population has actually reduced. The 2023 decrease is less than the 0.3% decline in 2022 and the 0.9% reduction in 2021. Canada just passed California’s population in 2022. Canada now has 4.6% more individuals than California. IF California’s population continued its sluggish slide to 38.0 million individuals and Canada continued its population development of the last 2 years then Canada will have more than 130% of the population of California by 2030.

Canada’s realtime population price quote on Jan 1, 2023 was 39.387 million.

Ontario will pass 16 million individuals early in 2024 and Quebec will pass 9 million individuals. Alberta might reach 5 million individuals by the end of 2024 or early in 2025. BC needs to reach 6 million individuals in 2025.

IF Canada were to keep including 1.4 million from now till 2030, then this would look as follows.

2024 42.1 million
2025 43.5 million
2026 44.9 million
2027 46.3 million
2028 47.7 million
2029 49.1 million
2030 50.5 million

IF Canada preserved the population boost for another 20 years population would end up being. This would have to do with 18% over what a lot of forecasts have for Canada’s population. According to Statista, Canada’s population is predicted to be 42.84 million in 2030.

Canada’s GDP would have to do with 3.2 trillion if Canada beat the 2.7 trillion 2030 IMF projection by 18%.

2040 64.5 million
2050 78.5 million

Canada with strong per capital GDP would be passing Italy, Germany.

In 2020, Statistics Canada’s forecasted 48.8-million individuals by 2050. IF Canada had 78.5 million individuals in 2050 then this would 60% more than the 2020 forecast.

78.5 million would be double the 39.3 million individuals in Canada in 2022.

Doubling Canada’s 2022 GDP would be an approximation of Canada’s 2050 population changed GDP relative to other nations like Germany, Japan, Italy, France and UK with fixed or diminishing populations.

Canada with continued strong migration might end up being the 4th biggest economy worldwide by 2050. Canada would route the USA, China and India in GDP. Canada would be really close in financial size to Germany and Japan. Japan will likely diminish to 100 million individuals by 2050 from 122 million today.

On Track to Over 100 Million by 2100

The Century Initiative is a Canadian charity that intends to increase Canada’s population to 100 million by 2100.

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