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Chlöe Isn’t Easily Impressed on New Single ‘FYS’

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The single gets here simply under a year after the R&B vocalist launched her launching solo album In Pieces

Chlöe Bailey at the Grammy Awards on Feb. 4, 2024 in Los Angeles, CA. Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

In the year considering that Chlöe Bailey launched her launching solo album In Piecesshe’s sewn herself back together after weathering problem external understandings. On her newest single “FYS,” the R&B vocalist and songwriter is just concentrated on what’s underneath the surface area.

“Money, vehicles and the diamonds/Don’t stage me, I been had it,” she sings on the record. “Fuck your status/I simply, simply wan na like you, infant.”

Chlöe revealed “FYS” previously today by means of social networks, sharing a brief bit and challenging her fans to think what the acronym represents. Some actions were starving, with choreographer Fullout Cortland discussing Instagram: “Fried Yellow Snapper.” Others were more spiritual, with a couple of users thinking variations of “Feed Your Soul” and “From Your Soul.”


The majority of were more in line with the instructions Chlöe took: “Fuck Your Standards,” “Fuck You Saying,” and– the right response– “Fuck Your Status.” More than anything, Chlöe fans were simply pleased to have her back. “Idc if it indicates fungi yam sauce,” one remark read. “DROP IT.”

“When I had an innovative block for the album, that was since I was so captured up in having my eyes and ears on what I believe individuals anticipate from me and caring excessive. That’s when my imagination and artistry got suffocated and I wasn’t producing the manner in which I was indicated to,” Chlöe informed Wanderer in 2015. “I seem like all of us have a present and we’re all vessels of that present. When I fret excessive about outdoors viewpoints, or who can I please the most or who will I not please, that will beat the entire function of what art has to do with. Not everyone’s expected to like art. It’s everything about point of view. And, you understand, not everyone will see or hear the exact same thing the very same.”

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