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Colby Covington weighs in on ‘piece of sh * t’ Travis Kelce following $20 million Pfizer offer

Travis Kelce has actually had a year to keep in mind in 2023. Turning into one of the most significant names in the NFL, making his relationship with super star artist Taylor Swift, and winning his 2nd Super Bowl were simply a few of the fantastic accomplishments he handled this year.

Regardless of his increase to international acknowledgment, his newest organization endeavor hasn’t decreased well with some and one guy that is revolted with his actions is Colby Covington. Kelce supposedly signed a big $20 million handle Pfizer to promote the COVID-19 vaccine, which didn’t agree with the UFC star.

Throughout a look on the PBD Podcast, ‘Chaos’ explained how crucial totally free speech is and how he sympathizes with those celebs and professional athletes who aren’t enabled to speak their minds.

“NBA is not a totally free league. Like, I have guys that have actually connected to me on Instagram from the NBA. They’re like, man, we value what you’re defending Colby however we can’t state the exact same thing since then we’ll lose our income. We will not have our cheques to pay for our homes and pay for our food on the table for our households.”

“I feel bad for these guys where they’re not permitted to reveal their genuine ideas and sensations. They need to listen to the story from the left in the NBA which there’s one method, and if you take on it then you’re going to lose your task.”

“I indicate, take a look at what they did to Kyrie Irving. They painted him out in the street like he was the greatest bad guy of perpetuity. The guy simply, you understand, thinks in complimentary speech, thinks in, you understand, his own right to pick what he must make with his body. My body, my option.”

Covington continued, this time slamming Travis Kelce for his participation with Pfizer.

“He’s not like a guy like Travis Kelce out there who’s thinking in, ‘Oh, I’m settled by Pfizer. Guys, get 2 chance ats the very same time, that’s the healthiest thing you might ever make with your life.’ Guy, 2 shots? I didn’t get the vaccine, I do not think in [the] vaccine however I’m not versus somebody that does think in [the] vaccine.”

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“If you do get the vaccine, you should most likely simply get one at a time since if there’s an unfavorable and incorrect result in it, then how are you going to understand which one’s the reason for it if you’re getting 2 at the exact same time? That’s reckless. Travis Kelce is among the greatest pieces of sh * t of perpetuity the truth that he’s encouraging individuals to do that.”

“You understand he’s refraining from doing it, he’s simply informing individuals to do it due to the fact that he’s earning money off and purchased for by Pfizer. It’s revolting.”

The previous UFC interim welterweight champ continued his barrage on Kelce and firmly insisted that he would never ever offer himself out for any quantity of cash.

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