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Comparing Fuel Efficiency in Articulated Haul Trucks

You have more control than you might recognize over the operating expense for your articulated haulers– and among the simple line products to cut down on is fuel. Burning unneeded fuel accumulates with time, and the cost savings you get running more effective devices might shock you.

To show the cost savings you might experience, we put 2 Volvo articulated haulers up versus similar leading rival designs– here’s what we discovered.

Test 1 Scenario: Volvo A30G Articulated Hauler vs. Top Competitor

We put our Volvo A30G haul truck up versus a leading rival to see how they compared on fuel performance. They ran 14 various medium- and sturdy cycles– 5 of those cycles were utilized for the outcomes:

  • Cycle 1: Loaded uphill (moderate 5-15% slopes)
  • Cycle 2: Flat velocity (brief flat hauls)
  • Cycle 3: Loaded downhill (moderate 5-15% slopes)
  • Cycle 4: Long haul (longer cycle with different conditions)
  • Cycle 5: Elevated long run (longer cycle with larger elevation modifications)

Both devices made the exact same cycles on the exact same day (reducing the danger of weather condition disturbance), and both were filled to gross device weight, according to specifications. A basic time was likewise set for filling and dumping guaranteeing it was equivalent for both devices. The checked competitive haul truck likewise had comparable device hours to the Volvo A30G that was utilized.

Measurements taken:

  • Payload determined utilizing a scale
  • Cycle times and variety of cycles
  • Electronic fuel circulation meters utilized
  • GPS paths and cycle elevations

Computed based upon the measurements above:

  • Efficiency (t/h)
  • Fuel usage (gal/h, l/h)
  • Fuel effectiveness (t/gal, t/l)

Test 1 Results

  • The A30G taken in 11% less fuel due to the competitive device’s weight and non-matched drivetrain. And due to the fact that the A30G takes in less fuel typically, it likewise takes in less AdBlue/DEF.
  • Throughout the idle usage test, the A30G taken in over 50% less fuel at idle. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the idle-to-work ratio varies depending upon application and website setup, however it’s not unusual for articulated haulers to idle 30% of the overall maker hours. High idling intake impacts the device’s overall fuel intake.
  • We were mainly checking fuel effectiveness, however we likewise discovered that the Volvo A30G was 2% more efficient thanks to its greater payload.

What do the numbers suggest?

Although the Volvo A30G has a greater list price than the competitive design evaluated, it provides a 5.6% lower expense per hour and an 8% lower expense per moved load. And with the competitive design needing 3 times as much downtime for upkeep, the A30G likewise experiences more uptime week to week.

The Volvo A30G provides 11% more revenue per moved lot, which, according to this test,

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