Monday, May 20

Computer Game Module for Flipper Zero

The Video Game Module (Powered by Raspberry Pi) brings brand-new home entertainment and advancement chances to your Flipper Zero:

  • Raspberry Pi RP2040 Microcontroller: suitable with great deals of existing Raspberry Pi Pico tasks; permits you to utilize the module as a standalone gadget

  • Video Out: see the Flipper Zero screen on your television

  • Movement Sensor: integrated gyroscope and accelerometer with open API. Enables you to include movement input to any app or video game

  • GPIO Port: a 14-pin port for plugging in joysticks, sensing units, and any other DIY parts

  • USB-C Port: committed USB port linked straight to the RP2040 permits you to interact with PC or flash any firmware without Flipper Zero

  • Standalone Mode: utilize the module without Flipper Zero by running any alternative firmware suitable with Raspberry Pi Pico

  • Open-Source Firmware and Schematics: check out and tailor any parts of the module, both software application and hardware

Check out the statement in our blog site to get more information about the Video Game Module.

Flipper Zero not consisted of. Revealed for recommendation just.

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