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Cyborg 009 Anime Scriptwriter Masaki Tsuji, Artist Masato Hayase to Launch New Cyborg 009 Manga

published on 2024-03-25 18:00 EDT by Joanna Cayanan

Manga adjusts 1968 anime’s “Taiheiyō no Bōrei” episode

The May concern of Akita Shoten’s Champion RED publication exposed on March 19 that scriptwriter Masaki Tsuji (Cyborg 009 anime) and artist Masato Hayase (Genma Taisen, 8 Man vs Cyborg 009) will introduce a brand-new manga entitled Cyborg 009 Taiheiyō no Bōrei (Cyborg 009: Ghost of the Pacific) in the publication’s next concern on April 19. The manga is an adjustment of the episode “Taiheiyō no Bōrei” from the 1968 Cyborg 009 anime series.

Image by means of Champion RED publication’s site

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The story centers on 009 and other cyborg warriors’ fight versus the previous Japanese marine forces and their apparently sunken battleships, the Yamato and Nagato, that unexpectedly appear in the Pacific Ocean and began assaulting numerous areas.

Author Kyoichi Nanatsuki (Project ARMS, Genma Taisen Rebirth) and Hayase just recently ended their 8 Man vs Cyborg 009 crossover manga in May 2023. The manga released in Champion RED in July 2020. Akita Shoten at the same time released the manga’s 2 put together book volumes in July 2023.

Shōtarō Ishinomori’s Cyborg 009 manga motivated tv anime series in 1968, 1979, and 2001 and movies in 1966, 1967, and 1980. More just recently, the manga influenced the 009 Re: Cyborg motion picture in 2012 and the Cyborg 009 Call of Justice motion picture in 2016. The manga likewise motivated a crossover initial video anime (OVA) with Devilman in 2015.

Tsuguo Okazaki released the Cyborg 009 Bgooparts Delete manga based upon Ishinomori’s initial series in July 2019, and the manga ended in September 2022.

Source: Champion RED May problem and site

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