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Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Damage Types

February 23, 2024|Tags: Features|Author Najib R

Let’s have a look at all the Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Damage Types

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is the latest title launched on February 14 by Funday Games. The survivor-like vehicle shooter is a spin-off video game to the popular FPS title, Deep Rock Galactic, established by Ghost Ship Games. The video game has actually seen a big neighborhood kind together with it due to the fact that of the appeal of DRG. Gamers have actually been dealing with finding out the nooks and crannies of the video game given that its release. Among the primary mechanics of the video game is the various kinds of damage that can be caused on opponents.

Let’s take an appearance at all the various damage types in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Damage Types

While battling crowds of opponents, it is essential to have a clear concept of the various damage key ins the video game. Considering that various kinds of damage have their own special results on the opponents, comprehending all the types is essential to use them to their max. These mechanics play an essential function as you continue to advance even more into the depths of the caverns.

Cold Damage

  • Impacts: Slows down opponents and likewise freezes them in location. Comparable to the Scout’s Grenade.
  • Strategic Use: Great for managing big groups of opponents and making them simpler to remove.

Credit: Funday Games Fire Damage

  • Result: Inflicts damage gradually due to the burning impact.
  • Strategic Use: Wise to utilize on opponents with a bigger swimming pool of health, as more damage is done over time.

Acid Damage

  • Impact: Applies a debuff on opponents, making them take more damage to routine attacks.
  • Strategic Use: Focusing fire on opponents who are compromised due to the fact that of the Acid Damage impact. Great for big single targets and swarms of smaller sized opponents.

Credit: Funday Games Plasma Damage

  • Result: Fires projectiles that bounce off walls and opponents while dealing damage.
  • Strategic Use: Using Plasma Damage is specifically efficient in circumstances where you are surrounded by a great deal of opponents or have great deals of surface areas around you from where the plasma can bounce off, dealing lots of damage.

Electric Damage

  • Result: Releases electrical energy that channels through several opponents and damages everybody. It enhances vital damage by a big margin.
  • Strategic Use: This is likewise reliable when you are surrounded by numerous opponents. Given that the electrical energy spreads out through a swarm, a big quantity of damage can be performed in scenarios like this.

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