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Digiday’s Oral History of Advertisement Tech podcast, episode 4, the personal privacy numeration with Ana Milicevic

By Digiday Editors – December 22, 2023 – 1 minutes checked out –

This belongs to a series that checks out the as soon as profitable and turbulent advertisement tech market. More from the series →

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The last episode of Digiday’s Oral History of Advertisement Tech goes over how the digital media market has actually moved quicker than those credited keep it in check, with Ana Milicevic of Sparrow Advisers sharing her insights.

In this episode, she goes over how the blurred lines in between information management platforms, client information platforms, and now, information tidy spaces have actually just served to puzzle matters.

Now that legislation such as GDPR and CPRA have actually entered into force, personal privacy is a top-line matter. Digiday’s History of Advertisement Tech charts its advancement.

In this episode, she talks about:

  • How information management and advertisement tech began to blur
  • How the sneaking tide of personal privacy legislation affected financial investment in advertisement tech
  • Huge Tech’s function in the future of the area

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