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DNF Duel designer Eighting is making a “major” Hunter x Hunter battling video game

A Hunter x Hunter combating video game is formally in advancement, as revealed by publisher Bushiroad at Jump Festa 2024. It’s being dealt with by DNF Duel and Tatsunoko vs Capcom designer Eighting.

According to Gematsu, more information will be shared at Bushiroad New Year Grand Presentation 2024, which happens on January 6. The statement was made at the publisher’s cubicle in Jump Festa 2024 on Friday. No gameplay and even screenshots has actually been revealed since the time of composing. No platforms have actually been revealed either.

Bushiroad has actually video games based upon other anime homes, consisting of Goblin Slayer, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and Shin ChanThis Hunter x Hunter video game appears to be the publisher’s very first combating title on consoles, however it has actually launched a mobile fumbling video game in the previous based upon NJPW.

There’s likewise a Macross video game from this business heading to consoles and PCs on January 25 called Macross Shooting Insight.

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The last Hunter x Hunter console video game takes all of us the method back to 2001. It’s called Hunter x Hunter: The Stolen Aura Stone. It never ever got a North American release, unfortunately.

Established by Konami, The Stolen Aura Stone is a card video game RPG that has your character attempt to return the Aura Stone from the Phantom Troupe. The fight system focuses on a rock, paper, scissors design with 3 various kinds of relocations: routine, unique, and counter. It likewise focuses on your character’s Nen type and power, like the anime.

In a 2019 evaluation, YouTube channel Gaming Through The Ages states the fight system “has the possible to appear rather complicated and relatively unapproachable up until its idiosyncracies are comprehended.”

Provided the important success of DNF Duel and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3ideally that indicates Eighting can make an excellent Hunter x Hunter video game after all these years.

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