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Don Daglow memorializes those we lost in the video game market

December 24, 2023 7:30 AM

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Don Daglow keeps an In Memoriam list for the video game market.

Image Credit: Don Daglow

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As Don Daglow saw good friends and previous coworkers diing, he felt they must be kept in mind. Therefore he began keeping a log of video game market experts who died.

He calls the page In Memoriam: Games market individuals who have actually died. And it now has more than 700 names, with the numbers striking the lots every death year. It’s one of the cultural artifacts of a young market that is now ending up being older, and the page is not unlike other creative markets that honor their dead in some method.

At the top of the page, Daglow put the lines from John Donne’s poem from 1624, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Anybody’s death decreases me,
due to the fact that I am associated with humanity.
And for that reason never ever send out to understand for whom
the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

John Donne

To that poem, Daglow included, “Never let them be forgotten.”

It’s a great deal of work to do this, and throughout this time of year individuals keep in mind to send out more messages of those who have actually passed away to Daglow (he takes reports at ddaglow at gmail dot com). He has assistance from factors such as Devin Monnens and Andrew Armstrong, who a couple of years back did a great deal of work putting together names for the IGDA and The Internet Archive Memorial. Due to the fact that he depends on good friends and loved ones to send out in names, Daglow is particular that he is missing out on a great deal of individuals. The video game market has actually grown to something like 300,000 individuals worldwide.

Don Daglow is a long time specialist in the video game market.

As far as who to consist of, Daglow consists of anybody who worked expertly at a video game publisher or designer or as a video games reporter. He has actually likewise consisted of voice stars, movement capture entertainers and so on. That suggests today he included James McCaffery, a star who passed away on December 17. McCaffery played Max Payne in limit Payne trilogy from Remedy Entertainment. He was likewise the voice of Thomas Zane in Alan Wake, and the voice of Alex Casey in Alan Wake 2.

Daglow is a fitting individual to do this work. He discovers individuals who have actually passed at reunions for business like Intellivision.

His video games have actually produced more than $1 billion throughout his profession. Daglow has actually dealt with video games given that 1980 to today day, frequently in management or imaginative positions. He dealt with pioneering video games throughout several categories such as Neverwinter Nights in 1991, Intellivision World Series Baseball (1983 ), Stronghold (1993) and Utopia (1991 ).

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