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Eastern Michigan’s Korey Hernandez sucker punches South Alabama gamer, prompting a brawl

Eastern Michigan’s Korey Hernandez began a run-in after the Eagles’ 59-10 loss to South Alabama on Saturday. (AP Photo/Al Goldis)

Eastern Michigan protective back Korey Hernandez began a brawl after he added and sucker punched South Alabama protective back Jamarrien Burt in the head.

The occurrence happened after the Jaguars finished their 59-10 thrashing of the Eagles in the 68 Ventures Bowl on Saturday. As South Alabama was singing its university in front of its home fans and the band at Hancock Whitney Stadium, Hernandez ran in from out of the frame and struck Burt from behind.

On Sunday, Eastern Michigan athletic director Scott Wetherbee attended to the scenario in a declaration.

“We highly condemn the actions of a few of the student-athletes on the EMU football group in the unsightly occurrence that occurred following last night’s 68 Ventures Bowl. We are deeply upset and ashamed by what occurred,” Wetherbee stated. “Their conduct does not show the excellent pride and high requirements we put on the video game and our program, and the expectations for great sportsmanship and excellent conduct of student-athletes on and off the field. What took place was totally inappropriate. We say sorry to the Eastern Michigan University neighborhood and to the South Alabama group and their fans.”

This was a bad choice on numerous fronts as Burt was standing ideal beside his older bro and fellow Jaguars protective back Brian Dillard. Hernandez was right away leapt.

It took numerous minutes to separate the 2 sides after the brawl, and both sides were sent out to their locker spaces. South Alabama was ultimately restored out for the prize event.

Later, both coaches dealt with the circumstance.

“I didn’t see things when they took place,” Eastern Michigan head coach Chris Creighton stated. “But I certainly saw the strength of what had actually simply occurred. We had a truly great, long talk in the locker space later on. We wish to be top-notch all the time, no matter the scenarios, no matter what the scoreboard is, no matter what other elements, individuals, whatever are included. And anything except being superior is not measuring up to the requirement that we have in Eastern Michigan football.

“I believe that our guys care a lot about carrying out well. I’m sure we were humiliated by how we played and it most likely didn’t take excessive to get our guys into a location that we hope that they never ever get.”

Jaguars head coach Kane Wommack stated an examination would occur into what triggered the matter.

“This is an extremely unique video game, it’s a difficult video game,” Wommack stated. “It’s a group video game and you do whatever you can on a football field to be the very best for your colleagues. And sometimes, things get psychological and they get enthusiastic and we ask these guys to use the line of that feeling and enthusiasm in each and every single method.

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