Saturday, May 18

Electrolux Group Recalls Frigidaire Rear-Controlled Ranges Due to Electrical Shock and Electrocution Hazards

This recall includes choose Frigidaire brand name rear-controlled varieties produced from October 2023 through November 2023 with electronic control board and the following design and identification numbers within these varieties:

Design NumberSerial Number RangeFCRE3052BWVF34618193 thru VF34618322FCRE305CBWVF34601466 thru VF34601608FCRG3051BB

VF34508449 thru VF34508592,

VF34521553 thru VF34521696,

VF34521697 thru VF34521835

FCRG3051BWVF34504801 thru VF34504942FCRE3062ABVF34424109 thru VF34424252FCRG3052BWVF34510705 thru VF34510818FCRE3052BB

VF34414413 thru VF34414546,

VF34600745 thru VF34600888,

FCRE3052BSVF34413405 thru VF34413692FCRE306CASVF34410621 thru VF34410752FCRE3062AS

VF34410338 thru VF34410338,

VF34413117 thru VF34413260,

VF34512157 thru VF34512300,

VF34512673 thru VF34512816,

VF34519273 thru VF34519416

FCRG3051BSVF34316279 thru VF34316279

Customers need to check out to see if their particular identification number is consisted of in this recall. The design and identification numbers lie in the drawer underneath the oven.

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