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Enjoy: Ian Machado Garry– ‘Colby Covington will do what he’s informed and battle me’

It’s 7 from 7 for Ian Machado Garry in the UFC.

The Dubliner, a previous Cage Warriors champ, outpointed Geoff Neal on the primary card of UFC 298 in Anaheim, California late on Saturday night, winning by 30-27 on 2 judges’ scorecards. A 3rd judge saw the battle 29-28 in favour of the American welterweight.

The win continues Machado Garry’s climb up the welterweight rankings ladder as part of his strategy which he states will make him a UFC title shot within his next 3 battles.

And next up on the Irishman’s radar? Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington.

“He does not have an option,” Machado Garry stated of the three-time previous UFC welterweight tile opposition. “He’s lost 3 title battles. He does not have an option. Sorry, I do not indicate to disrupt, however there is no other f * cking alternative for him. Who else are they gon na put? He’s not going to sign the battle grapplers, that’s for sure.

“He’s going to do what he’s f * cking informed, and he’s going to combat a young approaching possibility, so I can f * cking take him out of the department, clean him off the leading 15, and the UFC can go, ‘Great.. That’s been fantastic. Let’s take that and kept up it.'”

Machado Garry has actually drifted the concept of a possible bout with Covington working as the co-main occasion to Conor McGregor’s upcoming bout with Michael Chandler– something he states that Covington will be not able to refuse if he means to preserve his location near the top of the department.

“I do not think he’s in a position to be choosing his battles,” Machado Garry stated. “If he wishes to combat, he’s going to do what he’s informed, and I’m sure Hunter and Dana will inform him that.”

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