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Equip your Apple Vision Pro with these cases, clips, and more

Image: Apple

You simply dropped $3,500 or more on an Apple Vision Pro. Congratulations! If you wish to take it anywhere, you may wish to buy a case if you ever prepare to take it out of your home. And what about that battery pack– can you do something about that? Or the straps Apple supplies– exist much better alternatives?

These are a few of the most intriguing Vision Pro devices we’ve attempted up until now. The item is still brand-new and fairly specific niche, so there are restricted devices offered today with more coming all the time.

Vision Pro: Apple devices

Like iPhones and Macs, Apple offers various devices for Vision Pro, the majority of which are extra and replacement parts for devices that feature the gadget.

  • Battery: $199
  • Light Seal: $199
  • Light Seal Cushion: $29
  • Solo Knit Band: $99
  • Double Loop Band: $99

Vision Pro: Third-party devices

Vision Pro Shield Case


  • Appealing with several colors.

  • Compact

  • Well-crafted


  • Possibly a little too compact– it’s a tight fit

  • Minimal alternatives if you’re not into leather

WaterField Designs makes excellent leather cases and pouches, and their Vision Pro case is no exception. With ballistic vinyl sides and a leather top, it’s soft and well-cushioned withins will hold your Vision Pro, straps, power adapter, battery, and lenses. There’s even a little surprise pouch in the outdoors pocket for an AirTag.

The is a little high at $179– there’s not much leather in this– however you can get a blue or black all-vinyl variation for $159.

Our preferred aspect of this is how compact it is. It fits quickly in the majority of knapsacks with space to spare. Our least preferred thing is that it’s too compact. Getting whatever in is a bit of a tight fit, and a couple of millimeters more space in each measurement would make it a little much easier to utilize.

Klasden Pouch


  • Reasonably economical

  • Stiff and resilient

  • Roomy and simple to utilize


  • hard to suit smaller sized knapsacks and bags

Spigen’s Klasden Pouch is half the cost of Apple’s main case and truthfully, we choose it. It’s comparable in size, and its stiff outside make it feel more like a piece of travel luggage than a device case.

The within is spacious enough to quickly fit your Vision Pro, battery, power adapter, USB cable television, lenses, and straps. Plus, there’s a little AirTag pocket on the within. It’s simple to get whatever in and out, however not rather so open that whatever scrambles around a lot.

If we had feedback, we ‘d state diminish it simply a bit and round the edges a little bit more,

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