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Evaluation: Unicorn Overlord

SuperbA trademark of quality. There might be defects, however they are minimal and will not trigger huge damage.

Couple of studios handle to hook my attention rather like Vanillaware does. Each of Vanillaware’s video games is particular and special in its own method, however still brings the recognizable trademarks of its designers’ art, believing, and technique. With Vanillaware returning to strategies in Unicorn OverlordI understood I needed to see how it fared.

Unicorn Overlord seems like it’s reaching into the past, however in a various way than a lot of. Instead of making use of the tiles and turn-based methods of Strategies Ogrethe motivation of its brother or sister Troll Battle is clear as day. It’s obvious throughout the tense real-time method, the thoroughly laid-out overworld map, and the small teams of systems running headlong into each other before zooming down to the melee, solving fight, and stroking back out overhead.

There’s likewise the Last Fantasy XII Gambit-style system of strategies, a meta-layer of resource collection and allowance, and Vanillaware’s apparent design. As much as Unicorn Overlord records fond memories for an age of technique RPGs long passed, it likewise teems with originalities and fresh handles what you ‘d usually anticipate.

Basically, if you’re trying to find a fresh and lively take on directing small little systems around in tactical fights, Unicorn Overlord is it.

Unicorn Overlord(Switch [reviewed]PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S)
Designer: Vanillaware
Publisher: Sega/Atlus
Launched: March 8, 2024
MSRP: $59.99

Setting the phase for Unicorn Overlord‘s story does not take too long. The gamer handles the function of Alain, a banished prince of Cornia, in the lands of Fevrith. A years prior, Alain and the knight Josef got away the capital after among Cornia’s generals staged a coup and toppled the kingdom, wearing the name Galerius and the banner of Zenoira. Dive forward to today, and Zenoira has actually invested the lion’s share of 10 years dominating the recognized world. A confrontation with some Zenoiran scouts kick-starts the disobedience efforts, and the older Alain, trained in war under Josef’s tutelage, is prepared to trigger and recover his throne.

The Liberation Army, as it’s called, begins little with simply Alain, Josef, and the prince’s youth buddies. Naturally, the group grows as Alain and business recover land throughout Fevrith. Landing in Cornia, then expanding to countries like the dry Drakenhold, verdant Elheim, freezing Bastorias, and the tranquil spiritual hideaway of Albion.

Here’s where the uppermost layer of Unicorn Overlord occurs. On its overworld map, big countries are divided into smaller sized local pieces, occupied with NPCs to speak with, resources to hoover up, and forts and towns waiting on freedom. After winning a fight in the area, you release it from Zenoiran control, and can then invest gathered resources to restore towns,

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