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Every Fortnite collab and crossover as much as December 2023

Michelle Cornelia

❘ Published: 2023-12-21T09:30:42 ❘ Updated: 2023-12-21T09:30:49

Fortnite has lots of collab and crossover considering that its preliminary release, so it can be tough to keep track all of them. Here’s a list of each and every single Fortnite collab and crossover in history.

Who would’ve believed that a relatively easy fight royale video game launched in 2017 would now end up being a cultural phenomenon? This has actually been the case for rather a while, it is still astonishing to believe that you might be riding a bike with Demogorgon to go midway throughout the map and end up in an extreme fight versus Itachi Uchiha and Ariana Grande.

Nowadays, the most recent cooperation and crossover skins have actually turned into one of the most expected things in the video game, to the point that gamers even get to enact studies for future cooperations. From characters from films, anime series, and television programs, to celebs and Twitch banners, it appears like Fortnite is far from lacking concepts regarding who they’re preparing to generate the video game next.

Understanding how varied the crossover characters in Fortnite are, have you ever wondered about the video game’s earliest partnerships? Or simply put, the very first ones that began everything? If so, take a look at this list of every Fortnite collab and crossover in history, together with the ones that may possibly get here in the future.

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Current Fortnite Collabs

Legendary Games

Among the current collabs in Fortnite.

Just recently, the video game has actually been ruining gamers with some interesting collabs, including Eminem, The Weeknd, and even Peter Griffin from Family Guy to the Battle Royale. It does not stop there, as beyond skin collabs, Fortnite has actually likewise introduced the brand-new LEGO Fortnite mode as part of its partnership with LEGO.

This mode is not another fight royale. Rather, it’s a survival video game, where you’re challenged to check out, make it through, and develop shelter in a world constructed out of LEGO. If you’re eager on trying this mode, we advise having a look at our LEGO Fortnite guide, as beginning might be a bit complicated for those who aren’t too knowledgeable about this category.

The Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival modes have actually likewise made it into the video game, with Rocket Racing allowing you to bring particular cars and trucks you own in Rocket League to your Fortnite locker, whereas Fortnite Festival will have you jamming with a variety of pop music utilizing various instruments.

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Previous Fortnite Collab and Crossover List

Below is a list detailing all the previous cooperations and crossovers that have actually appeared in Fortnite.

Possible Fortnite Collabs in the Future

At the time of composing, the Doctor Who collab appears to be the most likely crossover included into the video game. According to leakages,

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