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Every Star Wars Game on the Nintendo Switch in 2024

When it pertains to certified film franchises getting in the world of computer game, really couple of have as storied a history as Star Wars. From hopping into an X-Wing cockpit in Rogue Squadron to making choices that impact the fate of the galaxy in Knights of the Old Republic, George Lucas’ extensive sci-fi universe has actually ended up being an innovative play area for a series of skilled designers for many years, and with it led the way for some genuinely renowned Star Wars video games.

For those wanting to dive into a few of these video games on their Nintendo Switch, we’ve got you covered. Listed below, we’ve put together every Star Wars video game readily available on Nintendo’s flagship console, varying from immersive RPGs to traditional first-person shooters.

The Number Of Star Wars Games are on Nintendo Switch?

In overall, there are 10 Star Wars video games offered on Nintendo Switch. The list listed below will not consist of video game packages like the Heritage Collection or the Knights of the Old Republic package, although it’s worth keeping in mind that you can discover the majority of the video games listed below packaged together on the Nintendo eShop.

Consists of 7 Games

Star Wars: Heritage Pack

Get a huge collection of Star Wars video games for the Switch,

Every Star Wars Game on Nintendo Switch

These blurbs consist of moderate spoilers for each video game, consisting of characters, settings, and story beats.

Star Wars: Dark Forces (Original Release: 1995/ Remaster Release: 2024)

The most recent Star Wars video game to be remastered for Switch, Dark Forces is the very first authorities entry in what would ultimately end up being called the Jedi Knight series. Presuming the function of a reformed Imperial Officer called Kyle Katarn, gamers start a concealed objective for the Rebel Alliance. They’ll get the opportunity to check out the galaxy throughout a number of objectives, participating in frenzied first-person shootouts and discovering a story set in between the occasions of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

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Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (Original Release: 1999/ Remaster Release: 2020)

A game racer based around The Phantom Menace’s podracing series, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer straps gamers into their very own podracer and enters them into different competitions throughout the galaxy. There, they’ll fight versus the similarity Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba, souping up their craft with extra upgrades in an effort to stomp out the competitors and end up being a legend on the streets of Tatooine.

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Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast (Original Release: 2002/ Remaster Release: 2019)

An extension of the Star Wars Jedi Knight series, Jedi Outcast follows series’ lead character Kyle Katarn as he re-embraces the Force and goes out on a mission for vengeance. Together with the first-person shootouts that functioned as the focal point of earlier entries in the series,

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