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Finest Fortnite Escape Room Codes (December 2023)

These finest Fortnite Escape Room codes are ensured to keep you and your good friends inhabited. Do you believe you have what it requires to leave?

Since Fortnite Creative appeared, the video game modes that you can play in Fortnite have actually ended up being significantly varied thanks to player-made maps and lobbies. Be it casual weapon video games, and 1v1 lobbies, to the well-known Murder Mystery map, there’s nearly every category of video game you can discover when checking out the Creative classification in the video game.

If you’re trying to find a genuine difficulty, you’re going to like Fortnite Escape Room maps. These maps will put your puzzle-solving abilities in addition to reflexes to the test as you discover your escape. A great deal of these maps are likewise multiplayer, which indicates you can welcome your pals, contributing to the enjoyable.

While there may appear a limitless quantity of Escape Room maps, listed below we’ve put together a few of the very best Fortnite Escape Room codes that will undoubtedly offer you an experience like no other.


  • Finest Fortnite Escape Room Codes
  • [Horror] Escape Jigsaw
  • Feline Demon
  • Till Dawn
  • Black Santa
  • FNAF Fortnite– Escape Freddy!
  • 88 Escape Room– Holiday
  • How to Use Escape Room Codes

Finest Fortnite Escape Room Codes

Whether you’re seeking to take a break from the Battle Royale or wish to attempt something interesting with your good friends, we suggest filling into these Fortnite Escape Room maps listed below.

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[Horror] Escape Jigsaw

Legendary Games

Fancy a video game in this SAW-inspired Escape Room map?

Code: 0124-9901-2824

When it concerns leave spaces, it’s nearly difficult not to consider SAW– the franchise that motivated everything. Why, it’s not unexpected that the Escape Jigsaw map is one of the popular escape space lobbies in the video game.

Just like in the film, you’ll be tossed into a Gideon Meat Plant-like structure, where you need to look for hints while you prevent fatal traps in order to get out alive. Live or pass away, make your option.


Legendary Games

SCP-096, among the creepiest Escape Room draws up there.

Code: 3589-9270-6777

What makes the SCP-096 escape space feel special is that there’s a tradition behind it rather of simply tossing you inside a labyrinth. In this map, you’ll be playing as a shipment chauffeur resolving a cold night.

You’ll quickly discover something frightening as you go on. Browse through the weird corridors and search for secrets as you thoroughly evaluate your environments. Who understands, possibly you have a possibility to go out.

Feline Demon

Legendary Games

There are no friendly felines here in this Cat Demon Escape Room in Fortnite.

Code: 3364-8309-0944

The escape space map in Cat Demon is so well made that eventually,

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