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Google Videopoet for Text to Video and Image to Video LLM AI

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Google simply introduced VideoPoet, and actually ChatGPT for:
— Text-to-Video
— Image-to-Video
— Inpainting
— Video Editing

Videopoet has actually not been launched yet however will be offered quickly from the Google research study website.

1. Image to Video:

Mona Lisa yawning.

— Poonam Soni (@CodeByPoonam) December 26, 2023

2. Text to Video

A skeleton consuming a glass of soda.

— Poonam Soni (@CodeByPoonam) December 26, 2023

5. Human beings constructing a highway on Mars, cinematic.

— Poonam Soni (@CodeByPoonam) December 26, 2023

9. The orient reveal driving through a dream landscape, animated oil on canvas.

— Poonam Soni (@CodeByPoonam) December 26, 2023

Utilizing generative designs to inform visual stories

To display VideoPoet’s abilities, Google have actually produced a short film made up of numerous brief clips produced by the design. For the script, they asked Bard to compose a series of triggers to information a narrative about a taking a trip raccoon. They then created video for each timely, and sewn together all resulting clips to produce the last YouTube Short listed below.

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