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Gov. Ron DeSantis Calls Out Media Bias Over ‘Florida’s Devastating and Tragic Measles Outbreak’

Ron DeSantis is trending on X today, which’s since he’s acquiring a great deal of wins, which we’ll get to. Initially, let’s take a trip back a couple of weeks to the reporting on a measles break out in Florida schools. “In Broward County, Fla., 6 trainees at a single grade school just recently ended up being contaminated with measles,” reported the Washington Post. “Two more cases of the extremely contagious infection have actually been reported in the county.”

The Washington Post released a viewpoint piece by previous Planned Parenthood head Dr. Leanna Wen called, “Florida’s measles break out is a terrible– and avoidable– catastrophe.” Less than 10 kids in the state came down with measles, and none passed away, regardless of it being called a “terrible catastrophe.”

In a shelter for prohibited immigrants in Chicago:

There are 30+ cases of measles connected to an unlawful immigrant shelter in Chicago however I have not seen the exact same news protection about this as the < < 10 cases in Florida last month ...

— Brittany (@thebrittanyjea) March 27, 2024

Gee, I question why?

— Ron DeSantis (@RonDeSantis) March 27, 2024

President Biden was going to utilize OSHA to fire staff members who didn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine, however he’s letting 8 million unlawful immigrants over the border without any vaccination history.

— Florida Politics (@Fla_Pol) March 27, 2024 Recommended

Yes, due to the fact that Floridians are all insane anti-vaxxers, led by the science-denying Gov. Ron DeSantis. The number of stories did we see about the COVID death toll in Florida vs. New York or any other state?

Not ‘declares’– it took place. The media smeared Florida, and yet measles events in the state rapidly diminished and were far less in number than the break out in the Chicago prohibited immigrant shelter. That, of course, gets.

— Bryan Griffin (@BryanDGriffin) March 27, 2024

“Florida is overloaded by illness break outs.” It’s a disastrous disaster.

They do not care that they’re constantly provably incorrect. Their reliability is currently shot. Their audience wishes to be tricked.

— Sperglord (@Dore2Dore97) March 27, 2024

The predisposition is not declared. It happened. It’s apparent.

— pearcort (@pearcort) March 27, 2024

Illinois was more concentrated on making certain unlawful immigrants get to bring weapons.

— Moral Authority Complex (@EhOHSeeLogic) March 27, 2024

It’s a secret covered in a riddle inside an enigma.

— Steve Johnson (@WisdomWheels83) March 27, 2024

Keep publishing things the media will not, please.

— Lynell J Ross (@WellCoachLynell) March 27, 2024

DeSantis didn’t have a mask required that didn’t work anyhow and his challengers are stating the state motivates individuals not to get immunized, which isn’t real, undoubtedly. Florida makes certain put under the microscopic lense.


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