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Helldivers 2 Operation Swift Disassembly was a success, leaving gamers questioning what’s next

Hive Lords? Brighten? Turmoil!

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Over the weekend, brave Helldivers achieved what maybe as soon as appeared inconceivable: removing all bots in Helldivers 2. Integrated with the news that all those Terminind bugs are now “consisted of”, to utilize designer Arrowhead’s words, the sensation amongst gamers is among event.? We beat Helldivers 2?

In a post on social media platform X, the Helldivers 2 group declared the “galaxy is totally free when more”, which undoubtedly implies we can all breathe a sweet sigh of relief. I make sure Game Master Joel has absolutely nothing left up his sleeve. Quickly, we will be met a cutscene revealing Super Earth now flourishing thanks to our tough efforts, and Helldivers 2’s servers will be closed down.

Nope, I do not think that for a 2nd either! And neither do gamers – who are now attempting to exercise what might be next.

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There appears a really strong possibility the Illuminate – a 3rd opponent faction from the initial Helldivers video game – will reveal up.

According to the Helldivers Fandom page, the Illuminate are not present in Helldivers 2, as “they no longer have any existence in the galaxy by the year 2184, having actually obviously been eliminated by humankind”. The page does, nevertheless, note that the “accuracy of this extermination is unidentified”, and “under particular scenarios, you might arbitrarily get a distorted radio message on your ship”…

This message? It’s this: “Super Earth lied … they didn’t desire you to understand … the Illuminate … they’re coming.”

Maybe teasing their arrival, there were reports previously in the year of strange blue, damage-inflicting lasers turning up in the video game. “It needs to have been an Illuminate Sniper similar to the very first video game, and it (the sniper) need to’ve teleported out right away after the shot,” Reddit user Dye335 reported at the time.

The Illuminate is currently here
byu/Dye335 inHelldivers

Next, there are those Hive Lord skeletons that can be seen lying around on Terminid worlds. Hive Lords were an opponent in the initial Helldivers, efficient in producing brand-new tunnels for the hives.

“As they are primarily underground, they are incredibly tough to attack and eliminate. Any chance to attack a Hive Lord must not be misused, and as they are very harmful, bring the finest you have when attacking them,” the Helldivers’ fan wiki describes.

Could we be combating these burrowers next? You can see an example of a battle versus a Hive Lord in the initial Helldivers listed below.

2 gamers eliminate Hive Lord and extract in 47 seconds
byu/cusman78 inHelldivers

The Helldivers 2 neighborhood is likewise musing over a possible 4th opponent type. I talked with Eurogamer reader Jamie Walker about the concept today.

I jokingly recommended the bots and bugs might combine into one incredibly race called Automominids,

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