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Here’s how an off-road racing series will make its own hydrogen fuel

Inside Extreme E’s Hydrogen Ambition– Extreme E, the electrical off-road series, is changing to hydrogen in 2025.

Gregory Leporati – Dec 16, 2023 12:00 pm UTC

Increase The Size Of/ Extreme E takes a trip to remote places by boat and brings its own energy facilities with it. Presently, it makes its own hydrogen on website and utilizes that to charge EV batteries, however in 2025, the cars and trucks will change to hydrogen fuel cells.

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ANTOFAGASTA, Chile– On a picnic bench in Chile’s Atacama Desert, among the most remote areas in the world, Alejandro Agag is holding court.

“Welcome to the edge of the world,” he chuckles, gesturing towards the large desert around him. A gust of wind kicks a cloud of sand and dust throughout the table. “It’s fantastic, this location.”

The 53-year-old Spanish business owner is taking in the sights and noises of the season 3 ending of Extreme E, the off-road electrical racing series he released in 2021. Part of the series’ values is that it races specifically in areas of the world that are greatly affected by environment modification (such as the Atacama Desert– the driest, non-polar area in the world), usually without any viewers present.

And while the competitors throughout the ending is significant– with 5 of the series’ 10 groups in contention to win the champion– racing has actually taken a company rear seat this weekend. Discussion rather has actually fixated Agag’s current pronouncement that Extreme E will rebrand as Extreme H in 2025, ending up being the very first racing series powered completely by hydrogen.

“We wish to be the very first to be doing it,” states Agag, holding his hand approximately protect his face from the still-swirling sand. “The difficulty exists, and we like difficulties– the difficulty of dealing with an entire brand-new innovation, appropriate innovation that can have genuine, substantial usages in the economy in basic.”

Expand/ The races are brief heats up on off-road courses.

Severe E

Agag is no complete stranger to pioneering brand-new racing innovation: He is likewise the creator and chairman of Formula E, which was the very first all-electric racing series when it debuted in 2014. To reinforce his reliability in developing Extreme H by 2025, Agag just recently revealed that the new series would be signing up with a working group with Formula 1 and the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to even more check out the advancement of hydrogen fuel. Severe H is likewise slated to acquire FIA World Championship status by 2026.

“My concept, my pitch, for Formula 1 was to state, listen, you do not understand which innovation will be the winning one,” Agag describes. “For the minute, you are banking on artificial fuels … however hydrogen is going to be, perhaps, one innovation that might be part of the formula. That’s all that it is, for Formula 1 to keep an eye on what’s going to occur here. And what’s going to take place is we’ll have the very first– and,

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