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Historic occurrences of seeing overall eclipses near the edge of totality

As we get ready for the upcoming solar eclipse on April 8, we have a look at some popular occurrences of seeing overall eclipses near the edge of totality. (Image credit: Michael Allen Siebold through Getty Images)

Of the 15 states that will be touched by the moon’s dark umbral shadow on April 8, no state is maybe more enthused at the possibility of hosting the overall solar eclipse than New York.

This will be the very first time in 99 years that the course of totality will sweep throughout the Empire State, and the “I Love New York” project, utilized given that 1977 to promote tourist in the state of New York, is going all out to bring in potential eclipse watchers from other parts of the nation to “Come for the Eclipse, Stay for New York.”

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The “Big Apple” was sliced in half

At New York’s last overall eclipse, which happened on Jan. 24, 1925, totality passed over cities that once again will remain in the totality zone this year: Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Rochester. Unlike this year, the moon’s dark shadow took a more southeasterly track in 1925 incorporating an area of New York City’s urban location.

To some, this is called “The 96th Street Eclipse,” given that the southern edge of the totality course paralleled 96th Street in upper Manhattan.

Eclipse map Jan. 24, 1925 New York City. (Image credit: Fred Espenak)

Those to the north, consisting of all of the Bronx and the Hudson Valley, saw an overall eclipse, while south of 96th Street (Midtown and lower Manhattan, the Battery, Brooklyn and New York Harbor), saw a partial eclipse. In these locations, nevertheless, the corona was still quickly noticeable because the eclipse missed out on being overall by a simple portion of a percent. The forecasted northern edge of totality went through Providence, Rhode Island.

Remarkably, for our upcoming eclipse, there will be cities that will be likewise “halved” by the moon’s dark shadow, such as San Antonio and Montreal

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Eclipse map April 8, San Antonio(Image credit: Fred Espenak)

While other big cities such as Cincinnati and Toronto will lie simply outside the totality zone.

Eclipse map April 8, Cincinnati.(Image credit: Fred Espenak)

Will the corona appear for these locations as it remained in 1925 beyond totality for parts of New York?

Views from the edge

Apparently supporting this concept, is that throughout the overall eclipse of March 7, 1970, an amateur astronomer stationed at Chatham, Massachusetts, which was approximately 4 miles (7 km) outside totality, reported to Sky & & Telescope publication, that he “… had the ability to see the corona for a couple of seconds,” utilizing a 4-inch Schiefspiegler showing telescope.

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