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How To Charge Oculus/Meta Quest Controllers


By Rob Rich/Dec. 28, 2023 6:13 pm EST

When it pertains to at-home VR, we’re rather ruined for option nowadays– both in regards to headsets and the video games themselves. This stable increase in consumer-level virtual truth has, obviously, caused various enhancements throughout both the software and hardware, consisting of the advancement of easier methods for you to keep whatever charged.

If you own something like the Meta Quest 3 or any of the previous Quest designs, or any other VR headset for that matter, truly, you’re undoubtedly going to lack juice eventually. The controllers in specific will as they’re not usually rechargeable.

When your Quest controllers diminish– and they will at some time– you can just switch the existing sets of AA batteries with brand-new ones and return to your video games. It’s likewise possible to set your controllers up for charging (instead of battery replacement), however that will need an extra purchase or more considering that the Quest does not generally include this function out-of-box.

Charging your controllers on a Quest or Quest 2

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All of the Quest controllers launched so far utilize basic AA batteries by default, so all you require to do is switch them out. Both the Quest 2 and 3 likewise have main charging docks you can acquire independently.

  1. To change the batteries, hold among the controllers upside-down with the L or R deal with sign dealing with up, then thoroughly press in and approximately open and move off the cover for the battery compartment.
  2. Get rid of the 2 AA batteries inside the compartment and change them– either with a fresh set or with a set of rechargeable AAs. If the eliminated batteries are rechargeable, put them in their battery charger.
  3. Put the battery compartment cover back on and duplicate the procedure with the other controller.
  4. To establish a charging dock, open the battery covers on both controllers and eliminate the batteries.
  5. Set up the brand-new batteries from the charging dock set, ensuring the side contacts are dealing with the open side of the compartment, then slide on the brand-new battery compartment covers.
  6. Plug the charging dock into a source of power then position the controllers in their particular cradles, making certain they’re oriented properly in order to charge.

If you choose to go the rechargeable battery path, it’s worth thinking about getting 2 sets of batteries (8 in overall). That method you can utilize one set while the other one charges, then switch and charge in order to keep playing.

Mission 3 controller charging

While charging controllers for the Quest 3 is an extremely comparable procedure compared to previous variations, there are some small distinctions.

  1. Press the devoted battery cover release button on among the Quest 3 controllers (situated towards the external side,

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