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‘Humbling, Exhausting, Exhilarating’: The Life of AMA President Jesse Ehrenfeld

Public Health & & Policy > Health Policy– Some of the most significant experiences occur in unanticipated locations, he states

by Joyce Frieden, Washington Editor, MedPage Today February 14, 2024

WASHINGTON– “Humbling, tiring, and exciting.” That’s how Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, president of the American Medical Association (AMA), explained his experience up until now, 8 months into his 1-year period.

It has actually been intriguing to be on “some quite huge phases,” some of the more significant experiences have actually come in the lesser-known locations, Ehrenfeld stated here Tuesday throughout an interview at the AMA’s yearly advocacy conference.

One example was his check out to Gainesville, Georgia the previous week to provide a called medical liberal arts lecture at the Northeast Georgia Medical Center, the state’s third-largest graduate medical education sponsor. Ehrenfeld got an e-mail from a relative of the individual for whom the lecture was called, “and it ended up that the member of the family was a previous associate of mine from Vanderbilt, who I dealt with, and I didn’t make the connection up until I was best ready to go, so I got to satisfy his sis and household– she’s a pediatrician and he’s a cardiologist,” Ehrenfeld stated throughout the interview, at which a press individual existed.

“I got to meet about 35 family medicine locals who have such enthusiasm for operating in the neighborhood and for making a distinction,” he included. “It was simply a really unique night, which was a bit unanticipated.”

A comparable thing took place in Greensboro, North Carolina, where Ehrenfeld likewise was welcomed to speak at a conference of the Old North State Medical Society. “It’s the earliest traditionally Black county medical society that has actually still kept itself and is really dynamic,” he stated, keeping in mind that the company likewise was accountable– through a claim and other activities– for completion of partition in medical facilities across the country. “And they welcomed the attorney general of the United States from North Carolina and [me] to speak about health equity. I explained the AMA’s journey … and what it implies to me personally, as an LGBT individual in medication, to be at this minute in society. It was a reward to be a part of it.”

The experience has likewise had its drawbacks, according to Ehrenfeld. “It has actually been aggravating, clearly, seeing how ineffective Congress [is],” he stated. “You understand, we have members who get it; we have bipartisan assistance for a lot of crucial things,” such as legislation associated to J1 visas for health care employees.

“People comprehend why this things simply makes good sense, however there’s simply no will to move on much of anything in Congress today,” he included. “And that’s been irritating due to the fact that I invest a great deal of time and our group invests a great deal of time, and doctors invest a great deal of time, informing members, and putting in the time to make the check outs. And after that we simply have such dysfunction …

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