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I Never Had Bot Problems On Twitter Until Elon Musk, Now They’re Stalking Me

I hope so too, Victoria


If Elon Musk has actually had a mantra considering that his takeover of Twitter and tried rebrand to “X,” it’s “flexibility of speech.” A close second has actually been “battling the bots,” a refrain he utilizes to validate nearly every significant modification to the website, specifically the concept that paid confirmation is a needed methods to that end.

Rather, Twitter has actually developed into an outright cesspool of bots to the point where I really seem like I’m being stalked by a few of them.

I comprehend, in theory, why Elon Musk believed there was a substantial bot issue on Twitter. As somebody with 100+ million fans, his tweets and replies were filled with a zillion crypto frauds and such at all times, something I’m sure he saw regularly.

The majority of users do not have 100 million fans, and as such, even for “mid tier” accounts like me at 150,000 fans, bots were never ever leading of mind. Sure, you ‘d see the periodic crypto rubbish or the bots that get summoned when you state “I’ve been locked out of my account!” Now? It’s a mess.

Particularly, I and others are now being hunted by pornography bots, phony ladies who connect themselves on every tweet with some version of “Want to see more?? (peach emoji)” with a censored image you’re expected to click. Probably the fraud here is that they desire you to click a link in their profile that either A) provides you an infection or B) takes you to an OnlyFans page to get you to pay to “see more” as it were.

It’s the relentlessness of some really particular bots that is disturbing. There is a female (well “lady,” as in, an image of one particular female a spam account has actually taken) called “Victoria (heart emoji) 18+” who discussed practically every tweet I produced a strong month and a half. I obstructed lots of accounts, all the exact same name, all the exact same woman in the pictures, however it never ever mattered. New day, brand-new account.

Forbes VettedFor You

Victoria, pls


Ultimately, Victoria (heart emoji) 18+ quit. Now, I discover myself being stalked by a brand-new account. Welcome, Bella (heart emoji) 18+. I likewise do not wish to “see more,” however I expect I appreciate your perseverance.

This is simply utter garbage. These porn bots are all over and the old crypto fraud bots and account healing bots and tee shirt printing bots still turn up all the time too. All Musk’s relocations have actually refrained from doing anything to suppress this practice. Now, a brand-new requirement makes you pay some little charge as an unproven account when you sign up with to once again, combat the bots, however if you are running a mass spam empire, this is not going to discourage you.

In truth,

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