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I took the iPhone 15 Pro diving and it assisted in more methods than one

(Image credit: Craig Hale/Mark Gosling)

Far, I’ve been impressed with the Oceanic+ app on my Apple Watch Ultra to the point that I’m now utilizing it as my secondary dive computer system, along with a Suunto D5.

While I’m pleased with my computer system setup, my look for an ideal cam has actually been less productive. I’ve been through a little handful and have actually up until now been dissatisfied with them all, for numerous factors, consisting of poor quality and bad battery efficiency.

When Huish Outdoors– the exact same company that created the Oceanic+ watch app– revealed that they would be developing a phone real estate created to look after my iPhone to 60 meters (far beyond where most leisure scuba divers would ever discover themselves), I could not have actually been more happy. I’ve stopped utilizing my DSLR on terra firma due to the fact that my finest cameraphone now fits into my pocket.

For me, the Oceanic+ Dive Housing got here simply days before my iPhone 15 Pro, simply as the diving season here in the UK is coming to a close.

What can the Oceanic+ Dive Housing do that my cam can not?

(Image credit: Huish Outdoors/Oceanic+)

After rather a prolonged setup procedure (more on my experience with that listed below), you’ll be consulted with a full-screen cam view where you can change in between taking images and videos, or get in a wise mode that takes an image regularly (you can specify this) while recording.

You can likewise fiddle around with things like contrast, white balance, quality, video stabilization, focus mode, which of the lenses you want to utilize (consisting of ultrawide), and file type (consisting of RAW), all of which can be altered on the go undersea by means of the keypad, which links to the phone by means of Bluetooth.

Since the Dive Housing likewise has its own temperature level, depth, and pressure sensing units, it functions as its own independent dive computer system, different from any Apple Watch Ultra that might likewise be running the Oceanic+ app (or simply the preinstalled Depth app). Bluetooth signals do not take a trip well undersea, so it makes good sense for both to be independent.

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The existing depth and no deco time are overlaid in the leading right, however you can push the keypad to expand this view to offer you all the exact same sort of details you would get out of the watch app, consisting of dive time, climb rate, a compass, and more.

The real estate itself is relatively big and has a chunky grip, however you can likewise pick to connect a lanyard or utilize among the 3 installing threads. This is truly crucial, since in my case, the whole setup consisting of the titanium iPhone weighs 1,162 g, and sinks to the bottom at a quite disconcerting rate when dropped. This is a typical defect of a lot of undersea phone real estates, however connecting a resilient light arm or installing the package on a tray can counter this.

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