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I Tried Koss’ Internet-Famous Cult-Fave Porta Pro Headphones

I’ve attempted so tough to be an AirPods individual. In theory, I need to like whatever about them: They’re light-weight, use up beside no area in your bag, and have a minimalist style that chooses whatever. Unfortunately, those difficult, white nuggets never ever– and I indicate never ever— remain in my ears. They fall right out the 2nd I move my head, and in fact harmed if I attempt to protect them in. I’ve done a great deal of Goldilocks-ing throughout the years with numerous over-the-ear earphones (a preferred winter season technique for keeping my ears warm in New York City) up until I picked this set of extremely budget-friendly, albeit sauceless, Panasonic suction earbuds. They were strong, however began providing me pain after hour 2 of usage– an unavoidable issue, as it ends up. The cartilage in my ears simply isn’t suggested to hold a difficult piece of plastic nestled inside for hours, obviously. Disappointment.

I was back at fresh start without any genuine hint (or huge budget plan) for what I required, however I had actually accepted the reality that whatever I wound up with would most likely be of “meh” quality, not to mention style. The all-knowing TikTok algorithm did what it does best, and provided me to audiophile paradise with the viral Koss Porta Pros:

The chemistry was instantaneous– particularly with the beige, retro-style Porta Pros that have actually assisted press the earphones to their viral status. Not just do they continuously offer out on both Amazon and the Koss site, however they’ve collected over 17.7 million views under the #kossportapros hashtag on TikTok. (You might have likewise identified these vibey children on the cover of Caroline Polachek’s Desire, I Want to Turn Into You As her current Everasking Edition re-release.)


Porta Pro Limited Edition Rhythm Beige Headphones

$59.99$34.99 at Amazon

Naturally, I wondered about how they carry out. They have a 4.5-star typical score from over 1,700 evaluations on Amazon, with the bulk being radiant writings on the excellent sound quality, low cost, and spot-on 80s/90s visual. As one customer stated, “I nearly sobbed tears of happiness, and perhaps part of that is with the discussion. These actually provide.” When the remarkable day came for the beige edition restock– yes, these pups are often sold-out– I smashed that order button and set out to see if they were truly worth the buzz.


A couple of juicy deets on Koss: the American audio equipment business was established in Milwaukee in 1958, and in fact created the world’s very first SP/3 Stereophone that exact same year. It’s likewise a service-based business– uncommon nowadays– which suggests that if you require repair work or parts for your electronic devices, the Koss group exists to assist you. Even if your design is terminated, they can hook you up if you call 1-800-USA-KOSS. Charming and handy.

This consideration was clear in both the product packaging and style of my sweet little Porta Pros,

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